Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eating but not sleeping........

So it seems to have ended as fast as it started. Today for whatever reason, Jake decided to end the strike and resume feeding. I'm so relieved. He's back to his old milk guzzling ways. He still does the eat-a-little-look-a-little routine that I've come to accept with a newly, hyper alert baby. That's all fine & dandy as long as I don't have to start mixing formula. It's not about formula being this horrible thing, but more that I'm just too damn lazy.

He woke up and cried twice last night and as a result I'm crazily, brain-wastedly tired today. We both had lovely naps around noon and things seemed to be looking up, but they the quickly headed down hill from there. Right now he's having an episode in his swing. I'm annoyed with him because I don't think he's handling things very maturely...
Gone are the days of accidentally getting in the shower with my underpants, but somehow I feel we are regressing back to our old sleep deprived ways. I can't bear to go back. Not when we've come so far and have made such progress with sleeping through the night and all.
He must be going through some sort of growth spurt. His hands and feet did look noticeably bigger today. Maybe in a few days once my little monkey boy stops growing his digits he'll feel like sleeping again. One can only hope.

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