Sunday, August 27, 2006

Growing Up

There are new tricks almost everyday now. His main activities are nursing, blowing raspberries, screaming, fist chewing and not taking his much needed naps. He's really changed in the last month and mostly for the better like everyone kept reassuring me he would. Some call the first three months the fourth trimester. I just assumed they were trying to keep me from jumping off a bridge. It's like he finally realized he's not going anywhere, anytime soon so he'd better just chill out. He sleeps through the night most of the time now and seems to be enjoying his stay here much better because of that. He's funnier, happier and louder (in a good way) than ever before. We play giddyup horsey now where I sit him on my knees and bounce him up and down. It almost always guarantees a laugh from him. I wish I could bottle his giggles. They're better than any antidepressants out there on the market.

Along with the good comes some bad... Jake's days of swaddling are officially over. Up until the last few days, he was very happy and content to be swaddled for his naps. It was great because swaddling would immediately put him in this placid, sleepy sort of mood. It was like a baby straight jacket that would keep him from whacking himself in the head with his own fist. Speaking of which, he just woke up.................................

Where was I? Naps, yes, he doesn't do them as well without his Jamie blanket (Jamie's a friend of mine who knitted him the blanket). He loves that damn thing, but unfortunately he has learned to break free like a little Houdini so we are trying to re-learn how to nap without it. It's like giving up a bad habit. Sometimes I feel like he's scanning the room trying to figure out where I hid it and then hating me because I've stolen his best friend. It's all very sad, and hopefully he'll soon get over it. I'll eventually reunite them once the whole risk of him suffocating on it is a distant memory.

THERE'S MORE! He has finally learned how to roll from his tummy onto his back and has done it several times just to prove it wasn't a fluke. It's awesome. Sometimes I'll put him on the carpet and he'll roll 5 ft. across the room like a tumble weed and then let out this huge James Brown scream. It's his first taste of mobility so he's very excited about it. He's also able to make some ground by lurching forward while on his belly. He's like a little inch worm. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

He's becoming so grown up now and it pains me so. I want him to stay this age forever and ever.

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