Monday, August 21, 2006


Right now I feel like spinning around on a mountain top like a friggin lunatic because Jake, my dear boy, SLEPT from 11p.m. - 6a.m. and didn't make me wake up to shrieks of terror. He was actually cooing and just looking at the paint on the walls when I walked in. I just stared at him for a few moments in utter disbelief and wonder. He was like a little cherub baby all happy and chubby. We've decided we're keeping him.


Miss Adelaide C. Poehner said...

jake rocks

G&G Emmett said...

Dear Jacob

I have just come from Auntie Friedas where I watched your latest videos. Your Grandpa will just have to get broadband installed !! You get more and more cute every day and I can't wait to see you. I was pleased to hear from mummy that you slept through last night - fantastic. Now you have done it once how about doing it again?? I know - you are just showing off to Grandma Reinwald.
Lots and lots of love to you, mummy & daddy & grandma R.

Grandma Brenda