Monday, August 14, 2006

National Jacob Belly Rolling Week

He cried a lot last night, and so did we. He's apparently a stomach sleeper all of a sudden much to our dismay. It seems he remembered how to roll over again and did it several times in his sleep just to prove it. Of course once he did, he'd wake up screaming because he hates to be on his belly and he hasn't yet figured out how to roll back over. We shleped our half asleep butts down that hallway to rescue Jake from his new talent I don't know how many times, and every time we'd roll him over, his spring loaded body would plop right back on his belly as soon as we'd let go. When he's on his belly he looks like he's parachuting or bodysurfing in the tropics with his arms sort of flailing about behind him, letting out huge banshee screams that scare our cats half to death. Jonathan had this brilliant idea to velcro Jake's butt to the sheets. Why stop there, I can see all sorts of possibilities. Why not velcro his pacifier & burp cloth to him. I can just picture myself maniacally sewing velcro on to everything in Jacob's wardrobe. I should also make a velcro wall somewhere in the house so I can just sort of stick him there when I need a extra hand.

Incidentally, I think I figured out what caused the nursing strike last week. I was taking these horrible tasting, herbal lactation drops that I think must have some how tainted my milk with its flavor. As soon as I quit taking them he resumed eating. So the thing I was taking to help milk flow actually made it rancid tasting to Jake - go figure.

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