Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Sad, Little Red Nose

sneeze - aw...

sneeze, sneeze - huh?

sneeze, sneeze, sneeze - oh crap.

Jake has a cold, AND it's his second cold this summer and this life. I'm guessing he caught it in the mommy/me class from another little germy brat, but that's just speculation. At any rate, he's definitely got something and the next few days are going to be a living hell. It's probably just a matter of time before both Jonathan & I have it too, & then we're in a situation where it just gets recycled over and over again. I seem to remember his M/M "teacher" sniffling - DAMN HER THAT SILLY WOMAN!

He's miserable, his little nose is bright red & we're up to our armpits in snot. He doesn't have the energy to cry so he just lays there and lets out this stuffy little whimper with great concern, a couple of coughs and then will look at me all quiet and tragic, and I'll say in a very dramatic fashion, "We're going to fight this together!". I suddenly feel like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman because I've got the humidifier whirring away, nasal sprays, snot rags and aspirators littering his crib all the while he snores like 300 lb. wino. Oh the drama...

As soon as I heard him have his first sneezing fit, time seemed to stand still and it was like I got shot straight in the heart with adrenaline. I kept having these silly, irrational thoughts of him strapped up in a hermetically sealed tank with tubes coming out of everywhere because he contracted whooping cough or some other rare childhood plague that I can't pronounce. I worry because, like I mentioned before, it's his second cold & maybe his immune system is lacking in some way or maybe I'm just not living up to my end of the deal in keeping him in a germ free, sanitized environment. I kinda always had this theory that if they have contact with reasonable amounts dirt and germs, the garden variety you might find on the living room floor, they'd be able to build these healthy immune systems. It's not like I have him rolling around on the floor in Target or rummaging through dumpsters for hypodermic needles. At least not in the last few weeks...

AND then there's the other side of me, the obsessive germaphobe that wants to tape the windows shut, buy an air purifier & a baby size biohazard suit so that nothing, not even a dust mite might touch his pure and fragile little body. I really need to get a grip, I know. As a first time mother, I think you can have the tendancy to exaggerate the situation in your head a little.

Sometimes I have to just remind myself to stop being a dumb ass &:
1. it's just a cold, babies get colds
2. we can handle this
3. I'm just as good a mother as the next obsessive-compulsive paranoiac.

I'm fine, really. Jake's fine too, a bit snotty, but fine. cough.

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G&G Emmett said...

Dear Jacob
Sorry to hear from mummy that you have a cold - that must be miserable for you. Feel a big hug from me and grandpa and get better soon. We just love your pictures - keep them coming. The new balck & white ones are just fantastic - you're a little STAR!!!
All our love G & G