Thursday, September 28, 2006

Current Obsessions

in no particular order...

  1. screwing around with this here blog
  2. shout wipes
  3. Jake and anything he does
  4. stuffing the diaper décor as full as possible
  5. pomegranate juice or any healthy veggi concoction
  6. making various lists ( i.e. shopping list, fitness goals, to do’s, obsessions etc. I do this so that I may itemize those things which are important to get done, to not forget anything & to quantify my life by way of these lists... and then I loose them)
  7. taking pictures of Jake and the cats
  8. Flavor of Love (it's just so terrifically bad)
  9. misdiagnosing myself (I decided not to gross you out with the details)
  10. misdiagnosing Jake with various childhood afflictions
  11. purell
  12. the search for the perfect salsa & bbq sauce (I just can’t stop buying it)
  13. making sure Jonathan eats breakfast
  14. cat hair control (they're constantly molting & IT’S EVERYWHERE which is even more apparent with Jake around)
  15. keeping Jake from doing a Jackson Pollock on our walls or me with baby food (the kid sneezes at the most inopportune times)
  16. vaccinations (good or bad?)
  17. convincing Jake that he likes his playpen & that I like it too


Sarah said...

i like the redesign! i also see we've both taken ourlast names off our profiles to protect the innocent.

Jacob said...

yes, the last thing we need are 4 & 6 mo. olds as an identity theft victims.

The Pierce Clan said...

Hey Janine -
Just thought you should know that I blog-stalk you too. And now Jamie. So much fun! Loved the passport photo bit.

Jamie said...

yay! redesign is cute! i especially like the "didn't need that money anyway" section. (she writes as she sits here on the new imac... pretty much sums up the entire experience.)