Saturday, September 23, 2006

How To Take A Baby's Passport Photo

Step 1:
Grab a white sheet or towel for a backdrop.

Step 2:
Lie baby down on sheet or towel.

Step 3:
Position baby so that he or she is looking right at you, head is straight forward and has a neutral expression.

Step 4:
Stand over baby and take photo.

Step 5:
Repeat step 4 if necessary.

Step 6:
Retrieve baby from across the room & place back on towel.

Step 7:
Repeat step 4.

Step 8:
Pull baby's feet out of his or her mouth.

Step 9:
Repeat step 4.

Step 10:
Pull towel out of baby's grip & straighten it out on the floor & place baby back onto towel.

Step 11:
Roll baby back onto his or her back.

Step 12:
Repeat step 4.

Step 13:
Ask baby kindly to stop giggling.

Step 14:
Pull baby's hands out of his or her mouth.

Step 15:
Have a stiff drink.

Step 16:
Take a deep breath & repeat step 4......


sarah said...

it's a jake quilt! tricky jake.

sarah said...

i just have to comment again b/c i love this photo quilt. i can't decide which photo is my favorite. it's a toss up between second row, far right or the ones where jake is making a break for it.

Jacob said...

This quilt doesn't even show half the photos we had to take in order to get one suitable photo... I think all in all, between Jonathan & I, we took about 40 or so photos.