Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kitty Friends

He loves our cats Oliver and Blue more than anything except for me, daddy and my boobs. He's completely fascinated by the cats and just stares at them in this sort of ecstatic trance. Just like the little boy in E.T. when he and E.T. first met. At first, the cats weren't sure if they liked him or not. They just kept their distance and I think assumed we'd come to our senses and send him back. Now however, it seems like they've realized he's part of the package and ain't going nowhere. The other day I caught Oliver licking Jake's ears when he was on his playmat which of course made me totally beside myself. They'll also usually put up with him when he starts grabbing a fistfulls of their hair and flesh. I was expecting a horrific slasher type of scene when he first started to grab at them, but they just seem to take it in their stride. I know that even though they act like big tough guys and allow him to mangle their fur, it hurts. He does it to me too only I get big hickeys from him that make up for it. I was holding him in front of me this morning and he suddenly thought it would be fun to grab two big clumps of hair on either side of my head and lay a big, wet hicky on my chin. I was trapped in his grip for the better part of 5 minutes. It was like being attacked by one of those alien face suckers only it made me laugh hysterically. He was right I guess, it was sort of fun. So anyway, I try to tell him to be gentle or else he'll be sorry & of course he totally understands and always does exactly what I say. He'll learn his lesson one of these days I'm afraid. Every kid does when they've got cats to contend with. For now, they just look at him with these resentful little faces that seem to say, "I'm nice now kid because if I'm not, in a few years you might try to stuff me in the dryer or dress me in your baby clothes.".

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jamie said...

re: dressing the cats in baby clothes, it's not like jake would be doing anything his mommy doesn't already do. :)