Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Playpen Experiment - Day 1

Meet Ugly

So far, so good. Sort of.
He has officially outgrown the use of his playmat due to increase mobility (twice so far I've found him wedged under the ottoman). So in order to avoid a visit from child welfare, I decided to pull out the playpen. According to my Mommy and Me guru Sophie, if I want to contain him when he starts crawling, I'll need to put him in some sort of containment contraption before the fact, or else he'll protest the confinement.

So now, out in my living room, sits one of the most horrifically ugly baby products we own aside from the command center. Oh, my poor eyes bled just a little. I feel as though I'm fighting an uphill battle when it comes to finding (and affording) well designed baby products that fit in with our mid-century aesthetics. Most don't even come close and Jake couldn't care less. I have to admit, I've seen worse. Navy blue plaid is tolerable right? A friend of mine who writes this other blog thought about reupholstering her baby bouncer... I beginning to think that's not a bad idea. I definitely think there's a market for Charles Eames playpen slip covers... hmmmm....
The toys are ugly too. Everything is covered in bright, primary colors & patterns that, yes I know, are supposed to stimulate their brains. However, they remind me of a bad acid trip. What's so wrong with hand carved, wooden toys widdled by Amish carpenters? THEY'RE STIMULATING TOO! I'll get over it.

The novelty has obviously not worn off yet.

Oliver felt the need to inspect the new digs. As you can see, he couldn't wait to get out. The novelty has definitely worn off for him.


sarah said...

I understand the need for bright and stimulating, but that doesn't have to mean ugly. someone needs to spec some maharam fabrics or eames as you said! (jake is so good at sitting up too!)

Jacob said...

yep - we should patent that idea... we could probably make some good money.

the boppy helps - he falls over on his face still quite frequently.