Wednesday, September 13, 2006

teeth and school

So I think Jake is teething. He’s as drooly as a Boxer and everything gets gummed to death. Even the cats. He has a teething ring the he works his way around with a kind of frantic joy. He’s also having crying fits every other hour throughout the night which is shitty to say the least. So, on a mission to help his gums and my exhausted self to get some more sleep than the 4 hours I got last night, I headed off to the nearest Whole Foods market to get these holistic teething tablets that a friend of mine swears by. They’re basically sugar with a dash of belladonna to help him sleep I assume. My only concern is what if he develops a shining to it in a John Belushi sort of way and I have to start hiding it in the hamper from him…

Jake is also officially on the waiting list for preschool. It amazes me that you have to sign up 5 month old babies for preschool these days. I was tipped off by a friend in the M/M class that there was a long waiting list at this private Lutheran school down the street from us so I marched down there yesterday in frantic, panic mode ready to enroll Jake. The woman who handles the tours at the school, I could tell was a bit taken a back by how eager I was to sign on the dotted line. We’re not Lutheran or really all that religious, but I wasn't a bit conflicted as to whether or not he should go to a religious school. I seriously see a void when it comes to macaroni Bible story art in my life. Let's face it, here in L.A. you can really loose track of what important and get swept up in the inane material madness of it all. That’s what scares me about raising a kid in L.A.. Most of the public schools are too scary for words, and most secular private schools are too uber and pretentious. A friend of ours sends their kid to Crossroads, one of those uber schools, and a child there who was joining her kid for an after school play date actually didn’t want to get in her car because it wasn’t the “right” car. What kind of messed up crap is that? I’d move to some pathetic, little town in Nebraska if it meant I'd keep him from becoming that sad & jaded. Raising a well adjusted child is no small feat these days. It’s so incredibly ludicrous. It’s so incredibly scary. I now know the heartache my parents went through. My poor, poor mother. Imagine trying to raise a teen age daughter in Hollywood on your own. She’s my hero.

Anyway, I'm sure he'll turn out fine no matter what school he goes to. We'll probably mess him up enough on our own.

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