Friday, October 20, 2006

almost crawling

Stheriously folks. In a matter of minutes, he'll be crawling...

I wonder if that's going to end up being his crawling style... sort of like this guy.

Hey, any excuse to insert a picture of a baby gorilla!

Lately I'll be sitting here typing away while he's over on his play mat (or so I think) and then I'll turn around only to find he's on his way over to the cat food bowl in the next room. He gets around now by sort of a roll, lurch, roll method. None the less, he's making ground. All it's really going to take is for him to figure out the whole coordination thing. The truth is he has a high chance of inheriting the gene that gives me all the grace of a, well, gorilla and if he does it won't be pretty. I think I actually crawled backwards. Sorry kid.

Given the fact that he can now cross room boundries, I know it's a just a matter of time before he wants to get his paws on all the deadly things behind the cabinet doors. So, with that in mind, I got me one of these the other day.

(This wins as the dullest picture ever taken)

This pretty little thing is supposed to keep him out of our bathroom cabinet where our toilet paper, paper towels & my unbelievably large collection of mini hotel shampoos lurk. Honestly it will probably do more good in keeping my kitty brats out of the cabinet. They like to shred. A lot.


Anonymous said...

Come on Jacob I know you can do it!!! Such a clever boy - so advanced. Great genes!!!!!

Grandma B

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob

Are youcrawling yet?

Lots of love
Grandma B