Monday, October 9, 2006


months alive, 6. colds, 3.
Who new these babies were such germy breeding grounds. I mean, I'm not a total idiot believe it or not. I new they got sick, just not so darn much. When I was flipping through one of my A-Z baby books the last time Jake had a cold, I read that in the first 2 years you can expect your kid to get at least 10-12 colds and more if they're in a daycare. I thought there's just no way! I'm starting to realize it's not all a myth. I've had a couple colds myself since he's been around and I never used to get sick. These babies are all carriers.

It's kind of sad too because at first I didn't believe him. I honestly thought he was just faking it and that's only because lately he's adopted this silly little fake cough that he does, well, because he can I guess. When he notices I'm paying too much attention to something other than him, he'll go, Cough cough cough and then look at me all expectantly, and then I'll go, "yes Jake honey, that's an awful cough.", and he'll look very pleased with himself. He'd then get the big, round eyes again, and go, Cough cough cough Smile cough. The fake cough will usually end about there once I've dropped whatever it was that I was doing and devoted all my attention to him. It would only start again the next time he wanted my attention.

However, this time, he's for real. He coughed and whimpered all night long. It's very sad. At 4 this morning, I dug the humidifier, aspirator and nasal spray out of their short hibernation and nursed him for a really long time. Luckily, these days I sort of feel like a seasoned expert in the handling of colds. I can now aspirate his snot, in the dark, without mistakenly giving him a lobotomy. You could also say I'm handling things a bit better these days. I haven't, so far, suffered from any major, irrational panic attacks or searched Webmd for Tuberculosis symptoms. It's nice to know we're figuring things out. So, I guess we're doing more or less okay all things considered. We're just sort of lurching along.

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