Wednesday, October 18, 2006

YEAH BABY! Chud's Swing'n New Body Bib.

Jake here is modeling his new full body bib with blue dots designed by Corey Robbins at Petite Violette which is yet another cool baby product on the A list. I can't say that the idea of a vinyl clothing excited me (at least not in this senario), or Jake, but this thing is a must if you don't want to have to change your kids clothes each time they eat. Actually it's not vinyl at all, it's made of polycoated cotton which means it's soft and comfy.

You see, his blue rubber bib ended up a chew toy each time I tried to feed him which lets just say became really, REALLY ANNOYING so I figured there had to be a better way. Plus, these days he really gets into eating. Yes, even mushy peas. And when I say into, I mean face, arms, legs and the clothing around them. It's like it taste better if he can wear the food as well.

Enter food smock. In my opinion, these bibs are pretty darn stylish. PLUS it's fully washable, portable, soft & affordable. I can even see its potential in future art projects. No more hosing the child off in the back yard. Chudley's very happy about that.

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The Pierce Posse said...

Uh, do they make these for moms? I could use one. - Reid