Monday, November 27, 2006

what day is it?

Many of you might have noticed that on this blog, it has been November 5th, 10:18 am for a really long time. and no, I have not found the secret to bending the time space continuum. anyway, whatever was broke got fixed somehow.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Jake's 1st Thanksgiving

It's 2 days before Thanksgiving, in other words, the day I'd been dreading for the last 7 months and a cab rolls up to the house. It's time to see what all this traveling with baby fuss is about. So we grabbed our mammoth suitcase, the pack n' play, the diaper bag, the car seat, the stroller & Jake and all piled into the cab to make our way to the airport. We were on our way to Benicia where, as Jonathan likes to say, the other side resides. That being Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ron, Cousins Rhonda, David, Danny, Ryan, Dylan & Austin, Grandma JoAnn & Aunt Kat. Amazingly, the airport/flying experience was actually not as scary as I had imagined aside from all the "oh crap, a baby" glares we received from the other passengers. Once we got to the airport & checked everything in but the baby, his stroller & diaper bag it was cake. Okay, the security point was no walk in the park but aside from standing there on the heels of my bare feet it was totally bearable. The best part was our new found pre-boarding perk.

Once we finally got there Jake had no problem wooing the family. He was his usual charming self complete with moonbeam eyes and porno lips. He got to try turkey & even received a baby doll compliments of Aunt Joyce. I think she gave it to him just to get a rise out of Jonathan. He's still stewing over that.

All was pretty much golden. That is, until the sun went down. Jake didn't take to the pack n' play (his bed) as well as I had hoped. After night number 3, I was convinced that if I searched hard enough I'd find a 3 sixes birthmark somewhere on his head. I can understand though, taking in all those new faces and loud voices must have been overwhelming. I had a few moments myself where I wanted to scream. Overall he was a trooper. The best part for us was we got grandma to babysit Friday while we went wine tasting in Napa. mmmm wine (Homer Simpson moment). We are thankful for all these things and that we now have this wonderful little guy added to this wacky family of ours (shmaltzy waltzy moment).
Find more photos here.

Happy Turkey Day!

Wishing you lots of turkey goodness and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.
Now go kiss your Grandma.


He rode in the shopping cart for the first time the other day and was totally tripped out doing another one of his best Buckwheat impressions. I think it must have been complete sensory overload for him.

he has a new love...

it's this swing. He loves it more that anything except boobs, and his parents. My boobs still hold a firm #1 space on his list & Jonathan & I are at least in the top 5.

We went to the park on Sunday with friends Jamie and Chria. We rode on the swings, we tossed around a football, and we generally made laughable fools of ourselves as we all surrounded Jake in the swing like locust armed with cameras. We've become that which I used to loath; parents who think everything their baby does needs to be documented. Well, I still loath it, but I guess that just means I loath myself. I'll learn to accept this new place. ANYHOO, enough about self loathing, Jake had a fabulous time regardless of his dork parents.

Mr. McGigglesworth

Here he is (with a special guest appearence by Oliver the cat), cracking up at mom holding the video camera because, well, that's obviously hilarious. He loves those two fingers. They're the "best in town", he tells me. As cute as it is now, this just means sometime in the near future someone will be wearing oven mitts duct taped to his arms. erhum.

This next video not only demonstrates what a stunning athlete my son is, but it also demostrates how necessary it is for me to figure out what to do with all the computer cordage strewn about.

seven months and one day.

Jake was seven months old yesterday. He's not crawling on his hands and knees yet, but he's still moving very fast these days, like a little G.I. Joe. Pulling himself along with his arms as if he was a legless invalid. Sometimes he gets on all fours, and rocks back and forth like he's about to pounce. He'll also sometimes get on his belly and just thrash around like he's swimming. I'll tease him sympathetically that if he were in the water, he'd be there by now. He's also babbling with great animation. He's very social and happy, but also terribly willful. He'll get this sharp cry mixed together with these Japanese type sounds when he gets cross. I call it baby Tourett's. He's also fascinated with peoples faces. He likes to inspect my teeth, nose, ears, everything, every time I nurse him. The nose is always a problem.

Last night I got a nice break from mommydom and went out with the girls, Jamie and Sarah. We went to a really grown up restaurant and sampled cheese & wine among other delectable things. It was AWESOME. I felt very light (sadly not in the context of my thighs). Not being chained to an infant was like that strange feeling you get if your a woman and you've left your handbag somewhere. It was strange, but good. We actually talked about grown up things and diapers only came up ONCE in the conversation all night! I definitely think we're making progress. We ended up holding on to that table for a good 4 hours I think because none of us wanted to leave that blissfully independent feeling of being able to nurse a lemon drop instead of a baby for a change. They practically had to ask us to leave. By the time I got home my left boob was about to explode.

Today it's back to reality. I'm trying to get this house in order and I'm stressed out to the nu-nu's. Jake finally went down for a nap & instead of mopping the bathroom floor, I figured I earned a break & blogging was more important. I've come to realize we need servants. Probably several. The laundry is out of control & I opened the fridge today to make Jake breakfast and could instantly smell that something was suffering in there. I just don't have the psychic energy to deal with it today, or probably tomorrow for that matter. I think it would be easier to just move.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Halloween was was a very eventful holiday for little Jake.
He was Charlie Brown.

Beer was a flowin',

girlfriends Clara (white bear) & Addie (pink Octopus) were entertaining as always,

tolerated all the paparazzi parents,

woke up next to a flirtatious octopus and had a butt drawn on his forehead.