Sunday, November 5, 2006

Mr. McGigglesworth

Here he is (with a special guest appearence by Oliver the cat), cracking up at mom holding the video camera because, well, that's obviously hilarious. He loves those two fingers. They're the "best in town", he tells me. As cute as it is now, this just means sometime in the near future someone will be wearing oven mitts duct taped to his arms. erhum.

This next video not only demonstrates what a stunning athlete my son is, but it also demostrates how necessary it is for me to figure out what to do with all the computer cordage strewn about.


Anonymous said...

Thanks !!! He's just amazing. Just gets cuter by the minute. When you've figured out the computer cordage perhaps you can come up with some ideas for where to put the Christmas tree this year!!!
Grandma B

The Pierce Posse said...

that's really incredible to watch ... and slightly terrifying when I think about what's coming in only a few short months.