Wednesday, December 6, 2006

8 months and 2 days

things I can do:

  • sit unassisted

  • crawl on hands & knees

  • pick objects up with pincher fingers (a relatively big milestone in the baby world)
  • hold a sippy cup

  • drool

  • slime everything in my path (part in parcel with the last talent)

  • sleep from 7pm-7am (with a small dream feed @11)
  • say mama
things I like to eat:

  • pureed veggis & fruit

  • yogurt

  • cheese

  • boiled peas

  • boiled broccoli

  • chopped bananas

  • bread pieces

  • Cheerios

  • mac & cheese
  • cats

  • mommy's hair

  • lint

favorite toy:

some random photos:


Jamie said...

hee... i *love* the photo at the top of this post. he's amazing. :)

sarah q said...

do i sense a cute baby in the buff photo shoot? love the photo too.