Friday, December 15, 2006

Babies of 2006 - Happy New Year!

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It's like a little baby conveyor belt.
(note: these are only the babies that I know or know of because putting every baby of 2006 on a conveyor belt would be, like, impossible.)

It's been a very busy year hasn't it? When I think back on it, it feels like a lifetime of experiences. The pregnancy, the dreams of giving birth to a cat, finally going into labor and then the much anticipated start of parenthood. There have been so many new experiences that I hadn't a clue about, or did have a clue but decidedly wiped any thought of it from my brain so my little head wouldn't explode. It's just better that way. Because, as it turns out, parenthood is wreaked with scary unpleasantries, however a worthwhile endeavor it may be.

I never knew about that feeling when you think your heart just can't swell any bigger, but then it does. I never knew the roller coaster of emotions that brought about tears, cursing, meltdowns & endless fretting. And one can't forget to mention the multitude of sleepless nights, the leaky boobs, that dreadful breast pump, the mommy brain, that absurdly enthusiastic response to anything the baby does, that newly acquired giant butt, the tummy time tantrums, the butt explosions, the pee shower attacks, the childproofing, the pediatricians, the vaccinations, the stupid yet catchy kiddy songs that get stuck on repeat in your head for a week, pre-school enrolment, the colds, the teeth, the photos, first plane rides, first car trips, huggies vs. pampers & jar vs. homemade. (stay with me here)

And just when you feel like curling up in the corner and staring at the wall for the next 6 months, you get that first smile followed by many, those contagious giggles, those coos, those huge, come hither eyes, those big, sloppy kisses and that feeling that you're the most important person to someone. That, my friends, is enough to remind you that being a mom is the bestest thing. EVER. Can I get an AMEN?

Oh, Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!


Sarah said...

I am terribly embarrassed that I actually just mistook someone else's newborn photo for Addie. I guess that's part Mommy Brain and part - gee they do grow up fast if I can't even remember what my own daughter looked like just 6 months ago! Happy 2006 Babies!

The Pierce Posse said...

Thanks for the props! Happy New Year to you all too. -Sawyer