Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa Baby

" what the ? "

Jake's been bug eyed before, but never like this. He got to meet Santa today. We walked into "Santa's Layer" and he was completely over come by all the glittery, shiny things hanging from the walls and ceiling. Not to mention the big, red, jolly guy sitting in the corner on a throne. How strange this whole tradition must seem to him. In these photos he definitely looks completely blown away by the whole ordeal and at the same time like he had just woken up into a dream. He did actually just wake up from a nap and I'd say he handled the whole thing quite well considering. He didn't even cry once. I however, was a blubbering idiot that pretty much stood there during the whole thing waxing on sentimental about how I couldn't believe I was taking my kid to meet Santa.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Jake meeting Father Christmas. Pure magic. Got to have a copy!!!

Grandma XXX

Sarah said...

almost more exciting then santa himself is watching all of the families wait in line primping their little ones in their holiday finery. i'm glad to see Jake is holding his own in his casual holiday duds.

Jacob said...

at least I got him in a ho ho ho holidayrific onsie :-)