Saturday, December 15, 2007

help us.

update... Lauren won, followed by Chloe and then Eleanor, Abigail, Ryan and Drew.

disclaimer: final result may not reflect popular vote

Saturday, December 8, 2007

the cruel tradition

Everywhere, thousands of little children are getting dragged to the mall in their tacky holiday sweaters to get that quintessential photo of them with some strange dude in a red suit and beard... and somehow we expect them to be happy about it. Today we did just that.

I've never seen Jake look so bewildered except for maybe last years Santa photo. Is it weird that I kinda wish Jake was wigging out a bit more? I just think nothing says Happy Holidays like a photo of some sweet little toddler screaming at Santa. And can you blame them? Some Santa's definitely look like they crawled out from under a rock... or possibly a local strip bar. Check this one out...

Looks like Santa's been hitting the eggnog a few too many times. Here is a link of more scary Santa photos. I love it! Numbers 1 & 12 are my favorites.

Friday, December 7, 2007

mmm... cookie.

yes, I know. Another damn photo of my kid with shmutz all over his face. If it weren't for, well, I guess a lot of things in this photo, I'd be sending it into agents. He's such a little camera whore. He just looks so proud of himself doesn't he?
I was out Christmas shopping today and this very flamboyant man exclaimed (yes, exclaimed) that Jake looked like a mini Brad Pitt... I honestly didn't know how to respond but I thought about hugging him. Now I don't know about Brad Pitt, but I guess if I had to agree I'd say he's definitely more of a Fight Club or Oceans Brad than a Interview with the Vampire Brad.

I couldn't resist.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

where balls come from...

he now thinks they grow on trees... in our living room. ball trees.
We decided to put the tree up last weekend while he was napping so we could surprise him when he woke up. I swear he thinks we've lost our minds. The whole world for that matter because I don't think he really remembers the whole tadoo last year. Suddenly these ball trees are everywhere. On t.v., at the mall etc. etc.

At first, I was having my own little panic attack about how Jake would manage to be around a tree full of delicate, glass balls and not land us in the ER several times in the coming weeks. Anyone who knows him, knows he's a walking demolition machine. I was convinced he'd either eat it, climb it or systematically try to destroy everything on it. I actually considered settling for a nice drawing of a tree on our wall tacked up really high like the rest of the stuff in our house.

I finally decided to ban our glass ornaments and only hang paper and plastic little numbers on the bottom and all my prized, vintage glass ornaments on the top. We even invested in a big ol' fake tree which I admit I've come around to. At first I was pretty against any artificial greenery in our house, but I am now seeing the upside. No needles, I don't have to water it, I don't have to police the cats from drinking the preservative laden water or eating the needles (no more daily needle puke!) & I can put it up in October and leave up till May if I want to and it's not a problem. Not a problem if you're a little crazy I guess, but at least it won't warrant a visit from the fire marshall. Another bonus is since we're usually out of town anyway for a few weeks over the holidays we will no longer have to come home to a tree trunk sitting in a puddle of its own needles. It's a pretty sad sight. Not to mention a major fire hazard.

So I'm happy to say it's actually worked out quite well. To my surprise, he's even kind of gotten over the tree and almost ignores it these days. That's a toddler's attention span for you.

So anyway, here's a video of the first meeting of the "amazing ball tree" for your holiday viewing pleasure.

balls, balls, balls, balls...


At the moment, they are quite possibly the thing he lives for. It used to be that when I'd go in to get him up in the morning, the first thing he'd say would be "daddy!" (he calls me daddy - more on that later), but now it's "ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, baaaaaaaalll" with this look like he's Gollum after the ring. It's pathetic. I guess I shouldn't complain. There could be a scholarship in it for him someday.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my little dirt devil

this is Jake's favorite thing right now aside from balls and kitty. I have no complaints especially since my housekeeper just temporarily quit to give birth. I'm actually fine with this because there is no bigger guilt trip than having a 8 month pregnant woman scrubbing your bathtub when your trying to milk the "too pregnant to clean" card. Besides, look how good he is about getting under the couch and in the corners. So thorough! While he may not be the most efficient at this task - it's a surefire way to keep him busy for at least a half hour. Over the weekend Jon & I were trying to come up with what to get him for Christmas. We were going to do a tricycle or a wagon, but I just don't think we'll use a wagon that much this year with a new baby in tow and he's not quite ready for triking. SO, this is what we came up with. How bizarre and wonderful at the same time. The great thing is, both vacuums really sort of work! Whoever came up with this is my hero. It's not child labor - It's FUN!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Surrey with the Fringe on Top

While I have absolutely no idea what a surrey is (any takers?),
there is definitely some fringe going on. And some drool stains.
I think everybody should have a hat that makes them feel THAT good.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

hooray for grandmas!

we just had the pleasure of Grandma Brenda's company for 10 fun filled days. They bonded over cheerios & went on an outing to the aquarium. She was also an amazing help to me and my now unwieldy self, especially while I was down with a bad cold. Being pregnant with a cold sucks.
Grandmas are such a vital part of growing up. I remember mine, God rest there souls, quite vividly.

I'll never forget going over to Grandma Ziona's house to be babysat and how she smelled like a mixture of Coors and bengay. I was always fascinated by the amount of cereal boxes she had stacked around her bed which she used for filing because why waste money on a ridiculous file cabinet. She used to put my hair up in curlers so tight that I couldn't blink and by the time I left I had a wicked afro. She had a major obsession with Shirley Temple so along with the afro I didn't leave without a tap lesson. I got to stay up late and hear stories about the days of old Hollywood back when she was a chorus girl for the different shows and how she met my Grandpa when he was a disc jockey for CBS. I learned what true romance was from them.

My other grandma, Coocoo Grandma, lived in San Jose (do you know the way?). Her name was really Myrtle, but I decided at some point that she deserved a better, more distinguished title. So she acquired the name Coocoo Grandma because, duh, she had a coocoo clock. I only got away with that while I was in the little and cute stage, but once I outgrew that oh so brief stage I was finally asked to stop. At the time, I couldn't for the life of me understand why she didn't want to be called Coocoo Grandma anymore. Poor woman. She also smelled like beer, but this time it was more of a Keystone quality. She grew avocados trees in her kitchen, collected spoons and jarred just about anything you could preserve. Oh, and grew incredibly large vegetables.

While neither of Jake's grandmas smell of cheap beer, they're awesome & memorable just the same. Jake & his little sis are very, very lucky.

Friday, November 2, 2007


So this year for Halloween, Jake was Darth Vader, complete with realistic light saber action. Nothing like giving a 19 month old a weapon to thrash around. He even has the light saber sound effects down, "neeeeeeor - neeeeeooooor". Jonathan also gave Jake a crash course on being the Dark Lord with a Star Wars DVD he rented. It's serious business people.

We took Jake trick or treating up our street where I made sure Jake got his favorite Butterfinger bars at each house.
He even met an older version of himself and proceeded to duel on the front lawn with this impostor for the title of ruler of the universe. He won of course.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Think Pink!

drum roll please.....
It's a girl!

This time we're 99% sure. By the way, this pink thing is only temporary and I thought it appropriate and a way to celebrate the recent news.... don't worry Jake, we'll come up with a nice gender neutral color for the background by the next post or until I can't stand it anymore. Yes, you'll have to share the blog with your sister. There is no way in hell I keeping up two blogs.

I just had an ultrasound this morning and I saw girl bits without a doubt. No sign of boy bits anywhere so I'm gonna go ahead and borrow that dwell pink bumper! This is also good news because I spent all day yesterday sorting Jake's outgrown clothes into two piles: to loan and to keep because it was suitable for a girl. I guess I was feeling pretty confident. I'm just bracing myself for the onslaught of pink to come. I don't mind pink in small doses, but baby girl stuff tends to go a tad overboard. It can easily turn into a nightmare of pink, ruffles and sparkly stuff if you're not careful. yay!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's that time of year again...

Time for an obscene amount of Jake photos involving pumpkins. I showed absolutely zero restraint yesterday when taking these photos and I'm again showing that same kind of restraint with posting them.
Yesterday, we donned our best pumpkin picking attire and headed up to Underwood Family Farm for a pumpkin picking kinda day. Aside from it being in the mid 80's, we were all about celebrating the almighty gourd... and gourd related things like PIE!

Jake, Addie & Clara met a gaggle of farm animals
(here we have a goat wearing a chicken),

climbed haystacks,

hugged goats
(here we have a goat wearing Jake),

and endured a "hay ride" minus the hay.
(they really weren't having fun no matter how this photo looks)

Yes, Jake was outnumber by the ladies yet again,
but I honestly don't think he minded.

Looks like he found the perfect pumpkin.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

be vewy vewy quiet...

We went to my mom's house up at Twin Lakes for a very, very leafy week. It snowed right before we got there so Jake got his first, not only glimpse, but touch of snow. We all got the 24 hour stomach bug right after we got there which put a damper on things, but I have to admit it is good having your mama when you're sick. Especially when you have a projectile vomiting toddler to contend with. The rest of the week I fiddadled with my camera, taking pictures of leaves, trees, Jake, more leaves and of course more Jake. I also spent a great deal of time poking through piles of leaves knowing Jake was under one.

Here is a great leafy/Jake pic that was tewtally not staged.

Jake spent most of his week discovering - surprise, surprise - leaves, sticks, fish, birds, ducks, deer, bears (yes, a real one) and snow. He was so obsessed with seeing another bear that if you even whispered that word or any word that sounded like it, he'd bolt over to the window, smoosh his nose against the glass and go, "grrrrrr". He also got to visit Hunewill Ranch, a real working ranch with real cowboys, and while there he met a few dozen horses and a few thousand cows. When he heard all the cows thundering around and mooing I think he actually burned his diaper. It was like he thought, "For Chrissakes! That's why you make that sound (moo) when you see one of these things!"

So I finally got my cool shot of fall which is just what I needed, living the rest of the time in the land of no seasons. Jonathan won't have to hear me bitch & moan about the weather here for a little while at least. You might not understand if you're from somewhere else how boring sunshine ALL THE TIME can really be. It's like too much of anything isn't a good thing. And plus, crunching through leaves is like therapy. It's one of the most satisfying things in the world.

Monday, September 24, 2007

70% chance of girl

... according to the latest ultrasound 2008 forecast done yesterday. Which is basically a doctor's safe way of saying, "Well, I don't see a penis anywhere, but I wouldn't redecorate just yet." While this isn't a definitive answer to the million dollar question, it is a step in the right ,er, gender. Not that there is a wrong gender. It's just how we hoped the dice would fall. Because, if it is indeed a girl, we are done. Finito. That's all folks. Which is kind of sad on a certain level. I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is the last time I'll be pregnant. Jonathan is under the impression that we're done no matter what, but I think we'd have to give it one more try if it were to be another boy. So I hope 2 is it. Two is enough for sure. One parent per child which just makes airports and restaurants so much easier to deal with.

So why am I wanting a girl so badly especially since having another boy would have its many obvious bonuses? I just really want to experience raising both a boy and a girl. They are just soo different. Plus I'm severely out numbered by testosterone (4-1) (I've included our kitties) so, so there. We'll hopefully know with out a doubt in about 2 weeks when we go in for the official sex check ultrasound & again in 4 for the anatomy check ultrasound when the have to do measurements and check for abnormalities with the bits themselves so there's just no getting around it.
If you were to ask my gut, it would say it's about 80% sure that there is a girl in there.
So far a few other old wives' tale predictors have pointed to that as well. There's the undisputed fact that I look more haggard, I was nauseous this time, the conception timing (which is more scientific), the pendulum needle test said girl along with the Chinese Lunar Calendar. So I ask you... who needs science?
I guess for now though, we have to accept that we'll "officially" be in suspense for a little while longer. At least 30% in suspense.

oh deer

Jake and other local children make friends with native Los Angeles wildlife.

It's amazing she allowed him to get so close.

you have WHAT in there?

Jake: is it coming out of here?

Me: nope, worse.



Jake: I'd never do that to you. You know that right?

Me: I know.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

4 years and counting...

So it's our 4 year anniversary, and this year, just like every year, we'll dig out the wedding video and relive all those heartfelt moments. Here are a few...

It's just not a wedding unless some drunk guy gets up and sings Sinatra. It's even better when it's the groom. What, with his amazing knowledge of the lyrics and all, I bet he really made Sinatra proud. And then there was my favorite song request/dedication (to me)of the night. I get it. I've got back. I just love watching it because it dissolves me into tears both from laughter and from the pure sappy nature of it each and every year. It's good tv.

Every year I also look up what that years gift is supposed to be and I try to loosely base my gift to Jonathan around that. I guess I like tradition... and stress because this year was fruit which caused me to sit around for weeks completely dumbfounded by what you're suppose to do with fruit. I mean, I guess I could get really "creative" with that theme, but no body needs a pregnant woman to get "creative". Maybe a fruit basket? Or maybe a jar of preserves? But then it hit me like a bag of apples. PIE! I shall bake him an apple pie. Jonathan loves apple pie. I've never baked an apple pie, but how hard could it be? Why do I tempt fate? Silly woman. So, I went ahead and documented the ordeal for your amusement, or just in case you wanted a great apple pie recipe... as soon as I figure it out it will show up here.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

surprise surprise!

In case you couldn't figure out from this creepy ultrasound or haven't read about it in the paper... yep - I'm pregnant. I'm assuming most of you knew because between my mother & I, you'd have to live on another continent not to know. No wait, we have other continents covered as well. So I guess this news is redundant and I should just quit typing.

Anyway, we're so excited and can't wait for Jake to have a little buddy. We always wanted at least two and wanted them close together so I guess we're on top of the game as far as that goes. Unlike last time, we weren't really trying which made this a huge surprise. I was deep in denial about a week before I took the test, but still had this hunch that there was a reason I was throwing up in my mouth and had 0 energy. Oh, and being 2 weeks late kinda made me suspicious since you could usually set your clock to my cycle.
As of now, the shock has subsided. For the most part. But a few times a day, the sight of my rounding belly actually causes me to gasp - how on earth did I come to be in this condition? oh yeh. HIM. I've finally come to know - not to believe but to know - that I'm carrying a baby inside me in only the broadest sense of the word baby. The baby may only have a head the size of a bean and a breathtaking collection of arms and legs (and knees - everywhere!), but none the less, a bonafide baby. I can't believe the roundness of my belly. If I look like this now, what am I gonna be in 5 months? shudder...
So how am I doing you ask? Better, thank you for asking. Let me tell you, the last month has been a doozy. When I was pregnant with Jake, the only thing that tipped me off was the fact that my belly got bigger every few days. With this one, I've had just about every symptom you could have including irrational bouts of weeping for reasons like Jonathan getting to the bathroom before I did. We do have two bathrooms, but that doesn't matter. I had my eye on that one and he took it. He's since learned to ask me if I need to pee before he goes. Poor guy.
Just 6 more months and mommy dearest will be back to her happy go lucky self.

These are exciting times. Even Jake's excited. Although his excitement is probably due to his love of balloons and that he thinks I'm growing him one which is way better than a brother or sister. I assure you, I haven't forgotten those first few months are rough. I just know we'll eventually get some sleep. It just took 3 measly loooooooooooong months with the last one. A small price to pay in the big picture. We are also reassured by the fact that in at least 3-4 years we'll be free of diapers. FOREVER. That is, if we call it quits (vasectomy) after this one. Maybe we'll go diaper free with the next one which is this new, crazy movement that's gained popularity with Type A show off parents. I can't even imagine how that would work. I've heard you're supposed to watch for "I gotta go" signs from the baby. um, what signs? grunting? a far away stare? reaching for national geographic? I think I'd spend all day (and night?) staring at the baby like it was a bomb that could go off at any second. There she blows!

I think I'll end on this note.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1 2 3 4 5.......12!

So I just ordered an old school Sesame Street dvd for Jake (and myself) so he too can know the rubber ducky song. It was so much better pre-Elmo. He loves Sesame Street, but todays Sesame Street just doesn't have the Bert & Ernie love and pinball countdown that ours did. Snuffy is no longer imaginary which sucks because I absolutely loved how much it would screw with Big Bird's head (yes, even at 3), and the Count doesn't even sound the same. He's just not as, I don't know, Transylvanian. Not feeling the "MUAA-AA-AAA-AAAA" like he used to. Anyway, I couldn't resist, here's a flashback. Those of you ages 30-40 will remember this one.

Ah, takes me back to the age of 3 almost instantly. This was originally an Electric Company bit but who cares. I love the 70's crazy disco, jazzy music and that the artist was able to get a cable car in San Fransisco to drive up a rainbow... I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into that.

okay one more...

At least now I can count to 12.

have I mentioned that

he seems to like water?

Exhibit A

in the fountain at the Metlox

Exhibit B

all hail water... (again in the fountain at the Metlox)

Exhibit C

and again, another fountain.

Exhibit D

ah the dog days of summer...

oh, and he likes mommy's shoes too. He's part British so I have to say I wasn't surprised.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

budding artist

First off, how utterly beautiful is this? I'm gushing with pride.
No, no, no, no, I didn't make this. This is Jake's first artistic adventure. This is going up on the fridge for sure!
Since Jake turned 1, I've been wondering when to introduce crayons to him. So the other day I pulled some out fully expecting most to be gnawed like a carrot stick. what am I saying, he doesn't eat carrots......... anyway, without any real instruction, he knew how to hold them and also knew generally what to do with them! I was so surprised! Admittedly, some tips got eaten (and spat out), but he did pretty well overall. First he attacked the paper here and then the box holding his new table and chairs from ikea. I don't know how I'm going to hang that on the fridge. I'm starting to realize that to him, anything is a canvas. Our walls are far too tempting and I know they're fair game as well. Thank God for the Magic Eraser! It really is magic.
Now I've got to find us some finger paints... and a really large drop cloth... and a hose. Magic Eraser won't help me here.

lake boy

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

something scary happened

Yesterday, Jake choked. He's okay now though.

This comes right on the heels of a friend's daughter having a very, scary choking incident, which in turn has made me a raving, paranoid, lunatic nut job. I guess not paranoid enough.

So here's what happened... I was eating a bowl full of cherries (what could be more fun?) when Jake, very intrigued, walked over to me & my cherries. What a surprise. Now I know you can't give a toddler a whole cherry (duh), so I bit off a piece about the size of a dime/nickle and gave it to him (with skin which was probably a bad move). He chewed it up, drooling purple goo, and down the hatch it went. So, of course, he reached for another bite. I obliged about 5 more times until he got up & turned around. I had no idea there was a problem until he turned back around to face me. His face was slightly grey & his mouth wide open. He also had this look of panic and confusion on his face as he looked up at me. At that moment my worst fear became a reality. Somehow, without any hesitation, I grabbed him & hit his back a few times in hopes of dislodging it. This did actually seem to dislodge it temporarily which was apparent by his horse scream, but still no cherry. That's because he had inhaled it again and now there was no scream & his lips were starting to turn purple. Miraculously, I remembered those scary choking lessons from that CPR class I took when I was pregnant. So, in a frantic attempt to save him AGAIN, I placed him over my knees and gave him about 3 more blows to his back. whala, cherry.

I've always said, you never know how you're going to react in that kind of situation until it happens to you. I think I managed ok THANK GOD. It is by far the scariest thing I've ever experienced. Plus, I've never hit him, and after giving him some major back blows he was terrified of me. Luckily, after doing some major sucking up, he's since gotten over it. The lesson in all this is simple, you have to imagine the food your giving him as un-chewed and accidentally swallowed or inhaled, and if it might get stuck, make it smaller. You can't be complacent and just assume that they'll chew their food enough. I think they actually recommend mincing most food until they're age 4 because most toddlers tend to bite off more than they can actually chew. Their throat size is only about as wide as their tiny pinky.


He may a look slightly intense here, but trust me, he was having fun. Waving those damn flags like his little life depended on it. I don't know, I guess he was feeling patriotic.

1 year ago and 10 days and a little less intense (aside from all the parade regalia).

What do you do

when your toddler cuts his finger on a mysterious sharp object somewhere in your house right before bed... and that finger is the finger he sucks like Univ. of Michigan frat boy sucks a bong?

I ask this question only because we were just faced with this very dilemma. You see, you can't really just leave the little sucker in bed with the band aid on his finger because that band aid wouldn't last more than 4 seconds before it was slurped, chewed and found two weeks later in a diaper. You also can't take the band aid off because it was kinda deep and bloody and, well, that would be a bloody mess. After about 15 minutes of deliberating about mittens or ace bandages we came up with this...

a sock and duct tape. I know exactly what you're thinking. genius right? Oh like you'd come up with something better...
It's funny because before you become a parent, you'd never think of doing this to a baby. I guess you never think of doing this even after you've had a baby unless you're faced with the exact same set of circumstances.

Poor Jake doesn't have his best friend... his finger. This will probably be a long night.
one more thought.... where are all those useless itty bitty band aids when you need them?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the big, scary W

The other day while Jake & I we're eating breakfast, for some reason I had the TV on while Bush was giving one of his well versed speeches about needing more money. So there we were, me eating my cornflakes and reading my People & Jake happily gnawing on a piece of toast. Then suddenly, out of no where, he started crying hysterically & pointing at the tv. Seriously, I'm not kidding.
I looked him over to see if something was pinching him but found nothing. He just sat there crying and holding his hand out towards the tv. Almost like he should have been screaming, "my eyes, my eyes!". So, I sat there totally puzzled, got him out of his high chair to calm him down & looked over to the tv where Jake was pointing. There he was, our fearless leader, spouting off like some red neck from Deliverance when it sort of hit me. Of course! Like duh... Big, scary W scares Jake!

Surely, all those times that I had warned him that Bush is a cockroach infested sack of lies and meanness couldn't have actually gotten through to him, could they? Maybe they did on some subconscious level, or maybe he's just a genius. He's clearly not a fan.

I know... I know. There must be some logical and simple explanation. I guess it could have just been something simple like the fact that the guy looks like one of those scary dummies that comes to life in the twilight zone. Only without the excessive cheek rouge and big, crazed eyes. And not as smart. It probably has nothing to do with his policies. Regardless, I'm gonna hold on to believing that he's not a fan of the W. He is, after all, my son.

On another note....

Sunday, we went in this very cool butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum. Hundreds of butterflies, landing all over you and flying all around. It was a little intense and a lot awesome. It was also completely crawling with toddlers, young children and wannabe photographers like myself. It was like a toddler romper room with tons of delicate little flying things. Delicate little flying things that you can't touch... or eat... or stomp on. So you can imagine.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Monkey On My Back

Yep, I lied. Did you really believe me when I said from my golden perch of moral superiority that I'd never succumb to the harness? I'm not talking kinky stuff here. I'm referring to that cruel and barbaric practice of putting leashes on kids. Something I so clearly refuted only about 2 months ago. How could someone do that. I just didn't understand. That is until Jake started darting around. Jake's like a puppy on steroids. And speed. Turn your back for a second...and he's gone! He doesn't stop moving. It seriously pained me to do it. But after chasing Jake around the last few months and narrowly avoiding death a few times, I went and purchased said harness the other day at Target. This might also not only save lives, but my sanity, which after all is a fragile state of mind. Even if at the cost of "THE LOOK". At least it attempts to look like a cute monkey backpack. But I guess that's the same thing as putting lipstick on a pig. It's still a leash.

So you might now ask, "well where does it end? Electronic collars? Muzzles? Choke chains?". All I can say is that we live in a dangerous world my friends. Kids run into traffic, fall down wells or, er, stairs. erhum. It's just that I'm breaking my motherly balls trying to keep him from falling down wells. There are wells all around you know! I know I did the right thing and will use it in places like airports and crowds, etc. We aren't assholes who are going to tie him up so we can ignore him & go take a nap. This is purely for his safety.

So, being Mother's Day and all, we took the harness for a test drive an headed to Dockweiler Beach (a notoriously deserted beach in case we might risk the chastisement of other morally superior people) & tied our one year old Tasmanian devil to the umbrella and let him thrash gleefully about in his 5 foot radius of, um, freedom. We did not nap I promise. At times he accepted it like anyone would accept a leash. Like for example when he got to the end and was snapped back on his butt, he'd let out a loud, resentful whimper punctuating what complete jerk parents we are. But sitting there in our comfy chairs eating lunch (again, not napping or ignoring) while he played, and at the same time successfully keeping him from the slurry of nasty fly infested seaweed, condom wrappers and seagull feathers just out of his reach, we got over it rather quickly. My honest impression was that he was pretty okay with the harness. I'm still on the fence. I'm thinking for now it's a great means of safety in those rare occasions where it's absolutely needed. Please don't send me hate mail.

Happy Mama's Day!

Monday, May 7, 2007

splashy, splashy, muddy, muddy

ah summer, er, spring... 90 degree weather and all the sun, water, mud and sand a boy could hope for. And of course all the photo ops a mom could hope for.