Friday, January 26, 2007

Have a drink mama!

Jake persists to love our kitties more than life itself. He'll see one of them and just let out this anguished scream like they were the Beatles or something. They, of course, retreat in terror. Except for Blue sometimes. He's a really good sport about letting Jake pull passionately at his face and ears. good kitty.

Jake also likes to pull and poke passionately at other babies faces which of course is a problem and is unbelievably exhausting. They just don't seem to understand the concept of being gentle yet. Although, that never seems to stop me from scolding Jake and saying, "no Jake, be gentle." I guess eventually he'll understand. The other day I met some friends at a park and Jake, being a few months older than the other babies, decided it was high time to show them how much fun it is to move. By move I mean crawling at a cheetah's pace across the grass towards a homeless person laying under the park bench. During the hour and a half we were there we played this game over and over again where I basically chased him from point A to point B, diving at times to stop him from swallowing fistfuls of acorns, grass & leaves. He thought it was great fun. I think I terrified the other two moms (of boys) because it gave them a frightening glimpse of their very near future. When we finally got home we both collapsed & I had a drink.

Which brings me to this piece they had on the Today Show. Honestly, I hate that show because all they ever talk about is what jeans are in style and the new diet craze. But anyway, I happened to have it on this morning in the background when I caught this bit they were doing about moms who drink while on a playdate. GASP. Hold on now, get your panties out of your butt. By drink they mean a glass of wine, not a slew of martinis or anything like that. Anyway, it got sort of heated with this one mom they were interviewing who supported the idea of booze on a playdate. This woman actually writes this great blog Suburban Bliss and was basically given this ridiculous amount of grief for her stance on the subject. It was like a Puritan ambush. They kept angling the interview to make her sound like she was some raging alcoholic for condoning a glass of wine with some friends while kids were present. Um, I'm sorry, but if you ask me, having a drink is downright condonable. When you have to run around like a headless chicken, chasing after your son or daughter, a drink just sometimes helps you not to loose it. Which is a good thing. In fact, Jamie & I had a glass of wine last night while hanging out with the babies. It was a definite good thing. Why can't adults be adults even around kids? Plus, during that 5-7 stretch when dad's not yet home and Jake's a big bag of bad attitude, a glass of wine with a friend is just what the psychiatrist ordered.


jamie said...
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jamie said...

Hey! hey! No fair outing me for being an imbibing mommy! You're going to ruin my good-mom reputation I've tried so hard to cultivate. Have them all fooled, we do. ;)

jamie said...

Oh, and btw... we soooo need to institute bloody mary playdates!

Sarah said...

I'd like to invite myself and Addie to a bloody mary play date. My rule though would be no drinking for the babysitter. I know my limits but I don't know there's. And no i don't think that's a double standard, so there!


Sarah said...

oops "their's" would be the correct spelling. (and yes i'm sober. just stupid)