Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Meet My New Ally

be afraid Oliver, be very afraid.

you almost feel sorry for him in this photo.

Some might liken this to a cage, but we like to call it Jake's fun, happy play zone. It just seemed easier than wall to wall carpeting and padding the furniture. Before I get any hate mail, for the record, I don't leave him in there all day. It's just there as containment when I'm in a pickle or need a break. After all, he can crawl really fast these days, like a lizard. This is a huge step up from his old digs, the pack n' play. Now he can scoot joyfully from one end to the other or do laps like a gold fish. He can also routinely pull himself up to a standing position which of course makes his naps REAL fun. Life as I have known it is officially over. I know this is only a temporary solution, but it's here for as long as deemed appropriate or at least until he can mutter the words,
"let me out of this damn cage mom".
The other day when Jake was napping , Oliver our cat jumped into the, er, happy play zone and then couldn't figure out how to get back out. I wasn't about to help him. This was just too entertaining to intervene. Then suddenly Jake awoke and I plopped him right down next to Oliver. Oliver looked at me like I had just fed him to the lions. Needless to say, Oliver became quite proficient in playzone escapes after that. Jake looked up with this expression like,
"well for crissakes, he's amazing! Wait. back up. How'd he do that?".

he looks like he's right out of one of those old jail house movies, shouting idle threats.


Sarah said...

i rather like it. it's actually good looking even. we just set up addie in the pack n play which we have in the hallway. ah. apartment living. We call it the Play Lair. maybe when addie comes over for a play date it will be american gladiator.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jake - scream loud enough and we'll come and get you out of jail !!!
Love Grandma & Grandpa

jamie said...

i hear the train a'comin, it's rolling round the bend. i ain't seen the sun shine since, i don't know when....