Friday, January 12, 2007

Quite simply, this is why.

I have for you here Exhibit A of why the fun, happy play zone is sometimes very necessary. Imagine what craziness he could cause to say, the fireplace. I dread to think. You can see Oliver inspect what he's doing and you can almost read his mind. In case you can't, he's saying,

"man, you are going to be in such trouuuuuubllllle. Wait till mom sees."

I actually let him explore the Tupperware cabinet while I was preparing dinner the other night which is what I routinely do. It is the one cabinet in the kitchen that is not locked up. After all, what's the harm? And I ask you, what could be more fun than Tupperware? Look how much fun he's having? It's as if he felt like he was getting away with something which, of course, makes it all the more enticing.

Which brings me to a question for all you other parents out there with extra inquisitive little babies like mine. Why is it that, your child could be sitting on the floor surrounded big sea of colorful, imaginative toys, and what will catch their attention? The remote control, the camera or just about anything that is not a toy. I should make a line of toys that look just like the real adult thing only you can let them have without the fear that they'll somehow swallow the batteries. Toys that don't look like toys. Because they do actually have toy versions out there already, however, they're bright red or blue and sometimes squishy.
Now babies may not be as sophisticated as you or I, but they're a whole lot smarter than I think a lot of toy creators give them credit for. Why on earth would a baby look at a bright blue cell phone with a Bob the Builder sticker on it and think,

"gee, I finally get to play with mommy's... hey! wait a friggin minute here. This isn't a her cell phone. It's rainbow for a start!".

Who do we think we're fooling? Of course, if they did have such realistic toys, it would be my insane luck the I'd grab my kids toy phone instead of my own. I can just see myself standing in line at the bank when all of a sudden my phone starts playing "if you're happy and you know it"... no, not happy at all. I'm in line at the bank you silly phone.

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