Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Jake's U.K. Introduction

So, as it turns out, traveling on a 12 hour transatlantic flight with a baby is really hard. No, let me rephrase, is hell. On our outbound journey, there was a big misunderstanding about whether or not British Airways supplies Britax baby seats so we, thinking they did, didn't bother bringing our own car seat. Stupid us, because as it turns out they don't. They do actually supply a Britax bouncer type seat which had to be attached to the flip down bassinet holder in front of us, is made of hard uncomfortable plastic and can only be used when the plane is experiencing no turbulence. TURNS OUT, we had turbulence for 3/4 of the flight. It was a fun time.

(Here's Jake looking a bit lost after waking up on the plane.)

The return wasn't much better. We ended up purchasing a car seat in the U.K. so we could actually use the seat we had purchased for him and maybe be able to nap, read, watch a movie and generally not loose circulation in our arms and laps. It was a long day one of which I'm not sure I'd like to ever repeat. On the two hour flight from Manchester to Heathrow during which he was on our laps, he pretty much screamed the whole way. During the 3 hour lay over at Heathrow, he was passed out. Of course. And on the 12 hour flight from Heathrow to L.A., he managed to sleep for a good part of the trip apart from the time a rather bitchy, little flight attendant tried to tell me I had to take him out of his FAA approve, 5 point harness car seat and sit in my lap during turbulence. QUA?! How is that possibly safer??? Needless to say, after shooting my eye death rays at him, stifling a scream and having words with his supervisor, Jake was sitting pretty in his new car seat for the entire flight. 24 hours, two butt explosions, two changes of clothing & one meltdown later we were home. God I love home. I love traveling, but I also really do love home.

It really wasn't all bad...

Aside from the getting there and coming home part, the trip was great. Jake's feet basically never touched the floor because there we so many eager family members & friends around to hold and snoogle him. He was in heaven. Who am I kidding, I was in Heaven. It was like having 12 extra hands. Now that he's home I think he might be a bit depressed or at least really confused. All his new compadres are gone & he hasn't the foggiest idea as to why. I took him out today to get lots of his missed sunshine in hopes to cheer him up and cure his jet lag. Grandma JoAnn and Aunt Kat will be in town for the next 4 day which will be great but will probably throw him for another loop.

So here are some highlights of our trip.

Jake met his Great Grandma Annie for the first time;

(Great Grandma Annie & a very festive Jake)

met some new friends;

(Naomi, Tim & Sam)

"saw", or should I say, was present in London (jet lag can be a bitch);

and rode on a train for the first time.

He was even christened at St Mary the Virgin in Oxenhope. For some reason I haven't got a single photo of the event which is too bad because it was beautiful. He looked like a little angel in his christening gown. The christening gown was a much heated debate between Jonathan & I. Gown vs. 49rs. jersey. I won. hee hee. (so whoever has photos please email them to me. K, thanks.)

Jake was also very popular with Santa apparently because he received everything he wished for(many, many thanks Santa). All of which had to somehow fit in our already expanded suitcases.

(Jake with new maraca & hippo)

He even got two brand spank'n new front teeth.


Grandma said...

We are in the process of downloading our christening photos and will send them a.s.a.p.
Love Grandma & Grandpa

Sarah said...

i love christening gowns. they are so romantic. good choice. and glad you survived the flight. can't wait for the kiddos to play together now that Addie is crawling!