Tuesday, January 30, 2007

to fret or not to fret?

okay, is it just me or has this autism thing gone completely out of control. I don't just mean autism, but also how much you have to hear about it in the media these days. You see, I've been doing plenty of fretting lately about how a lot of the other babies we know around Jake's age are already doing one or all of the communicative skills, i.e. pointing, waving, clapping saying mama or dada (with intent), and Jake doesn't do any of those things. THEN, I get a call from my sister yesterday to tell me that I should really watch The View that morning because they were doing a segment on autism. OKAAAY, so apparently I wasn't the only one worried. And yes, I know I shouldn't have watched it for obvious reasons and because Rosie O'Donnel sometimes scares me... but I did, the fool that I am. I got what I deserved I guess because it basically left me in a state of freaked out paranoia. I kept running a checklist of warning signs & I was suddenly convinced that Jake was, you know. No, he doesn't have any of the reg flag warning signs, but that didn't stop me from believing it. I know, it sounds completely insane, but I'm telling you, that would be my worst fear realized. So, of course, you start to imagine it's true. Oh that, and I'm a neurotic nut job.

Anyway, I talked to Jonathan about it last week, even before watching The View, and he just reassured me that our boy will make a great linebacker someday. oh yay! I was worried there for a minute. Later that weekend I noticed Jonathan started obsessively trying to get him to wave and say dada. Basically all weekend we were going, "Jaaake, wave bye bye. Can you wave bye bye? BYE BYE? Look. JAKE. BYE BYE.", taking his hand and flapping it around. He just looked at us like we were insane. I'm starting to think he knows exactly what we're trying to do, but is stubborn and enjoys watching us squirm. He has actually come close I think. He's raised his arm so I'll just take that as a sign he's A-OK. But then, he'll do something to completely undermine my new confident way of thinking. Like this morning for instance, I was watching him on the monitor & he started rocking back and forth, banging the back of his head repeatedly against the crib. ack! fret, fret, fret.

I was so distraught after seeing that, I even brought this up with the Mom & Me group today. Apparently, I wasn't the only one fretting or the only one to watch The View the other day. Sophie, the instructor (is that what she is?), said all the babies in the group seemed completely "normal". She said that when a baby excels at one thing like say crawling, they're usually delayed in another developmental area. It actually seems true because all the girls in the class are clapping, waving etc. and not crawling or standing, while all the boys are crawling and standing but not communicating. Well blimey! I feel better. She also noted that rocking and hitting ones head at his age was completely normal. I even looked it up, she's right. My kids normal, my kid's normal, my kids f-ing normal!

So here you go, I give you "normal":

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Sarah said...

if it makes you feel better Addie was a very early crawler and never says Mama with intent or not, and hasn't shown any interest in clapping or waving. she and jake also have excellent motor skills being able to pick up the tiny tiniest speck off the floor. she and jake are both gonna be super stars.