Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Day At The Aquarium

Peace out fishy friends

I love aquariums & I'm pretty sure now Jake does too. Today was his first time at one and he was pulling another one of his best Buckwheat impressions. Bug eyed, glazed over & blissed out like never before. I'm pretty sure he's happy to finally know what's up with these fish creatures he keeps seeing in his picture books. I think his favorite were the clown fish. Yep, this probably means Disney already has a captured audience with my son. I foresee many hours of Finding Nemo in my near future. That's okay though because I actually liked that movie. I can deal with Pixar far better than any hokey Tim Allen playing a dog movie (blech). I guess this means I'll have to take him to the zoo soon. I have a certain guilt issue with zoos, but I guess it's my motherly duty to just shut up and take him. How else is he going to see a few sleeping animals in their "natural" concrete habitat (I know, shut up).

Anyhoo, here are some photos.

New friend Mr. Lorikeet.

Me, Jake, Catherine, T2, Cap, Addie & Sarah
getting friendly with some sting rays and sand sharks.

well hello there.

quiet contemplation

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jamie said...

yay! looks like such a fun day. :)