Wednesday, February 7, 2007

sniff stats.

months on earth: 10
colds since he's been here: as of this week, 5
months being a mom: 10
colds since he's been here: as of this week, 5
normal amount of colds per year: usually 1 or 2
hmmm, that is all I have to say about that.


Sarah said...

i have never been sick with such frequency since being pregnant (stupid weakened immune system) and then having a baby. perhaps i should buy stock in puffs plus. i hope you both feel better!

jamie said...

boo hoo! clara and i both had some serious boogs last week too... i'm afraid the cycle has begun for us as well. hope you feel better soon! (weird product placement suggestion- have you tried any of those sudafed shower soother tablets? they're kinda nice when you're all congested, at least as a temporary respite!)

Sarah said...

does this make you feel better?
"Even babies not in daycare are likely to get between four and ten colds in their first year. By the teen years, the annual count drops to about three."

Janine & Jacob said...

I'll just say Zycam is a miracle drug.