Friday, March 2, 2007

And just where do you think you're going missy?

Who can resist those big, needy eyes?

So Jake has entered a mildly annoying, new phase. Separation anxiety. He's like a clingy little monkey. I say it's only mildly annoying because part of me simply turns into a big pile of mush at the fact that he gets that torn up over me leaving the room. Nobody I've ever known has done that before. I feel like Ringo Starr. He'll go completely berserk over the mere 8 feet of distance between us. Like the other day when I had to go out to the garage to grab something. He could see me through our living room windows and when I got back he was throwing a full blown, ear numbing tantrum, standing there stomping his little legs and doing his baby tourettes routine.
It's this kind of anguished love that will probably never quite be as intense as it is now. I guess I should savor it to some extent because when this phase is long over, he'll never again view me as this perfect hero person that he can't bare to be away from. After all, there will inevitably come a day where I'll embarrass the hell out of him and he'll insist on walking 20 paces ahead of me. I shall then remind him of these moments. That said, I wouldn't mind if it were a tad less intense because oh the guilt. God forbid I have to go to the bathroom and leave the little darling alone for a minute. When I come back, he looks at me with such joy and amazement like someone told him I had died. It's sweet, but it's hard. That's mostly the reason why I haven't kept up with this here blog as regularly as I used to. This morning I got some time because *grin* he's actually taking a marathon nap and I decided chores shmores! The house may look like an apocalyptic nightmare, but hey, what do you want from me. I'm blogging, I'm happy & best of all I'm FREE (for 8 or so more minutes).

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