Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a MAJOR announcement and random musings

First off, drum roll please.......................



"For chrissakes, spit it out."

"what the F@#$"

he's walking! he walks, he's a walking boy.

Yep, Jake has fulfilled his homo erectus (that's right, HOMO ERECTUS, now grow up) destiny. This is such exciting stuff. I thought the day he started walking I'd run screaming for the hills, but strangely I'm not. Although, he is still just toddling around. When he figures out how to run, then I'll run. Right now, he'll make maybe 10 or so steps, drunkenly strung together as he weaves his way across the room. One foot will every so often want to go THE OTHER WAY, or both legs will slowly make their way further and further apart leaving him standing there almost doing the splits. Once he's made a successful journey, he'll glance back at me with a very proud, yet approval seeking look. He's so confident with his new ability that he'll even walk while holding on to stuff (usually a puzzle piece). Can you believe it? What a genius.

Sniff, my baby's growing up so fast.

here's some recent footage. Knock yourself out.

Now a random musing... My mom, God love her, is so weird sometimes. For those of you not in the know, she's staying with us for a short while. Anyway, right now she's taking a pre-American Idol nap. Yes. You heard me right. A pre-American Idol nap. The thing is, it's actually on right now, but she like to take a 30 minute nap while it's being tivo'd so she can fast forward through the commercials. seriously. Oh, she just woke up. It's American Idol time folks!

2nd musing, 10 adults, 5 babies, excessive cheese & wine = fun chaos

note the car seat parking in the background.