Friday, April 20, 2007

yeah yeah yeah...

I know. I'm a lame blogger. Lamest blogger there ever was. I've completely dropped the ball for the last 2 months and that's mostly because of a lot going on around here. House guest, birthday parties every weekend including Jake's, house repairs and my kid friggin walks. What do you want from me?
Last month I resorted to just posting video entries every week. It seems this month I'm lucky if I even have time to find the video camera. I don't even get regular showers.
So here's a video taken last weekend at the zoo for you Jake fiends out there. It's pretty uneventful but it should do the trick. Now go scratch that itch.

Oh and the big news is I got him to eat peas. Unbelievable? Yes, but true! The getting him to actually only involved me heating them up and reluctantly offering them, expecting full well that I'd be spending the next hour on my hands and knees chasing after them. To my utter surprise he put one in his mouth, mashed it and then swallowed it! And then did it again! SEVERAL TIMES! hee hee HEEE! I know expecting this to happen again is like expecting Jonathan to try radicchio, but at least I now have a glimmer of hope that he will try something other than yogurt. and waffles.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

mmmmmmmmmm. cupcake.

So Jake not only now is a bona fide sugarholic, he's also officially a toddler. The two seem to go hand in hand I guess.
I seriously can't believe this crazy year has gone by so fast and my baby boy is now a loud, assertive, toddling little man. People warned me about how fast it would go, but when your at the beginning of parenthood and you're on very little sleep, you don't believe them. Days blend together into weeks and you're holding on to this shred of hope that they are indeed right. Turns out they are. Before you realize it, you're trying to decide between cupcakes or sheet cakes & bake or buy for your soon to be one year old's birthday party.
Then you mourn. At least I did, erhum, am. On one hand you know it's exciting that your baby is now turning into an independent child, but then on the other hand you realize, oh shit, your baby is turning into an independent child. You long for the simpler days of leaky boobs, hooter hiders and your once immobile baby.
I guess I'll always look back on that first year with fond memories. Aside from all the fretting it really wasn't all that hard. I loved looking at the world through his brand new eyes and I loved the fact that every week had something new for us to discover. All of those changes and milestones came and went so fast I barely had time to record them. One second they're cooing at you and the next they're stealing the keys to your car. Jake's babyhood has come to an end and toddlerhood has just begun. We are all a little scared.

Here are some more photos from his big day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007