Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the big, scary W

The other day while Jake & I we're eating breakfast, for some reason I had the TV on while Bush was giving one of his well versed speeches about needing more money. So there we were, me eating my cornflakes and reading my People & Jake happily gnawing on a piece of toast. Then suddenly, out of no where, he started crying hysterically & pointing at the tv. Seriously, I'm not kidding.
I looked him over to see if something was pinching him but found nothing. He just sat there crying and holding his hand out towards the tv. Almost like he should have been screaming, "my eyes, my eyes!". So, I sat there totally puzzled, got him out of his high chair to calm him down & looked over to the tv where Jake was pointing. There he was, our fearless leader, spouting off like some red neck from Deliverance when it sort of hit me. Of course! Like duh... Big, scary W scares Jake!

Surely, all those times that I had warned him that Bush is a cockroach infested sack of lies and meanness couldn't have actually gotten through to him, could they? Maybe they did on some subconscious level, or maybe he's just a genius. He's clearly not a fan.

I know... I know. There must be some logical and simple explanation. I guess it could have just been something simple like the fact that the guy looks like one of those scary dummies that comes to life in the twilight zone. Only without the excessive cheek rouge and big, crazed eyes. And not as smart. It probably has nothing to do with his policies. Regardless, I'm gonna hold on to believing that he's not a fan of the W. He is, after all, my son.

On another note....

Sunday, we went in this very cool butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum. Hundreds of butterflies, landing all over you and flying all around. It was a little intense and a lot awesome. It was also completely crawling with toddlers, young children and wannabe photographers like myself. It was like a toddler romper room with tons of delicate little flying things. Delicate little flying things that you can't touch... or eat... or stomp on. So you can imagine.

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Sarah said...

good boy! obviously very sensible.