Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What do you do

when your toddler cuts his finger on a mysterious sharp object somewhere in your house right before bed... and that finger is the finger he sucks like Univ. of Michigan frat boy sucks a bong?

I ask this question only because we were just faced with this very dilemma. You see, you can't really just leave the little sucker in bed with the band aid on his finger because that band aid wouldn't last more than 4 seconds before it was slurped, chewed and found two weeks later in a diaper. You also can't take the band aid off because it was kinda deep and bloody and, well, that would be a bloody mess. After about 15 minutes of deliberating about mittens or ace bandages we came up with this...

a sock and duct tape. I know exactly what you're thinking. genius right? Oh like you'd come up with something better...
It's funny because before you become a parent, you'd never think of doing this to a baby. I guess you never think of doing this even after you've had a baby unless you're faced with the exact same set of circumstances.

Poor Jake doesn't have his best friend... his finger. This will probably be a long night.
one more thought.... where are all those useless itty bitty band aids when you need them?


jamie said...

aw... poor jake. good thing he has such a creative mama. :)

Kathy said...

That's exactly what I would've done.
But poor Jake doesn't have his favorite two fingers to suck:(

I'm going to call you the Handy Dandy Parents.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jakey! Looks quite the wounded soldier. Great to see him without a hat though!!! Now we know what he really looks like.
Love Grandma & Grandpa E x x x