Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1 2 3 4 5.......12!

So I just ordered an old school Sesame Street dvd for Jake (and myself) so he too can know the rubber ducky song. It was so much better pre-Elmo. He loves Sesame Street, but todays Sesame Street just doesn't have the Bert & Ernie love and pinball countdown that ours did. Snuffy is no longer imaginary which sucks because I absolutely loved how much it would screw with Big Bird's head (yes, even at 3), and the Count doesn't even sound the same. He's just not as, I don't know, Transylvanian. Not feeling the "MUAA-AA-AAA-AAAA" like he used to. Anyway, I couldn't resist, here's a flashback. Those of you ages 30-40 will remember this one.

Ah, takes me back to the age of 3 almost instantly. This was originally an Electric Company bit but who cares. I love the 70's crazy disco, jazzy music and that the artist was able to get a cable car in San Fransisco to drive up a rainbow... I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into that.

okay one more...

At least now I can count to 12.

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jamie said...

great minds think alike. and i LOVE the ladybug picnic. :)