Thursday, August 30, 2007

surprise surprise!

In case you couldn't figure out from this creepy ultrasound or haven't read about it in the paper... yep - I'm pregnant. I'm assuming most of you knew because between my mother & I, you'd have to live on another continent not to know. No wait, we have other continents covered as well. So I guess this news is redundant and I should just quit typing.

Anyway, we're so excited and can't wait for Jake to have a little buddy. We always wanted at least two and wanted them close together so I guess we're on top of the game as far as that goes. Unlike last time, we weren't really trying which made this a huge surprise. I was deep in denial about a week before I took the test, but still had this hunch that there was a reason I was throwing up in my mouth and had 0 energy. Oh, and being 2 weeks late kinda made me suspicious since you could usually set your clock to my cycle.
As of now, the shock has subsided. For the most part. But a few times a day, the sight of my rounding belly actually causes me to gasp - how on earth did I come to be in this condition? oh yeh. HIM. I've finally come to know - not to believe but to know - that I'm carrying a baby inside me in only the broadest sense of the word baby. The baby may only have a head the size of a bean and a breathtaking collection of arms and legs (and knees - everywhere!), but none the less, a bonafide baby. I can't believe the roundness of my belly. If I look like this now, what am I gonna be in 5 months? shudder...
So how am I doing you ask? Better, thank you for asking. Let me tell you, the last month has been a doozy. When I was pregnant with Jake, the only thing that tipped me off was the fact that my belly got bigger every few days. With this one, I've had just about every symptom you could have including irrational bouts of weeping for reasons like Jonathan getting to the bathroom before I did. We do have two bathrooms, but that doesn't matter. I had my eye on that one and he took it. He's since learned to ask me if I need to pee before he goes. Poor guy.
Just 6 more months and mommy dearest will be back to her happy go lucky self.

These are exciting times. Even Jake's excited. Although his excitement is probably due to his love of balloons and that he thinks I'm growing him one which is way better than a brother or sister. I assure you, I haven't forgotten those first few months are rough. I just know we'll eventually get some sleep. It just took 3 measly loooooooooooong months with the last one. A small price to pay in the big picture. We are also reassured by the fact that in at least 3-4 years we'll be free of diapers. FOREVER. That is, if we call it quits (vasectomy) after this one. Maybe we'll go diaper free with the next one which is this new, crazy movement that's gained popularity with Type A show off parents. I can't even imagine how that would work. I've heard you're supposed to watch for "I gotta go" signs from the baby. um, what signs? grunting? a far away stare? reaching for national geographic? I think I'd spend all day (and night?) staring at the baby like it was a bomb that could go off at any second. There she blows!

I think I'll end on this note.


Grandma B said...

Great picture. First for the new album. Keep 'em coming!

Sarah said...

sooooo excited for you!

cat, kitty, kitters said...

so deliciously excited for you and i can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy!!! in fact, i find myself dying to know, so if you could just go ahead and ask the doc that'd be just super.
lots of love

jamie said...

yaaaaaay! and let us know how that diaper free thing goes, will ya?