Monday, September 24, 2007

70% chance of girl

... according to the latest ultrasound 2008 forecast done yesterday. Which is basically a doctor's safe way of saying, "Well, I don't see a penis anywhere, but I wouldn't redecorate just yet." While this isn't a definitive answer to the million dollar question, it is a step in the right ,er, gender. Not that there is a wrong gender. It's just how we hoped the dice would fall. Because, if it is indeed a girl, we are done. Finito. That's all folks. Which is kind of sad on a certain level. I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is the last time I'll be pregnant. Jonathan is under the impression that we're done no matter what, but I think we'd have to give it one more try if it were to be another boy. So I hope 2 is it. Two is enough for sure. One parent per child which just makes airports and restaurants so much easier to deal with.

So why am I wanting a girl so badly especially since having another boy would have its many obvious bonuses? I just really want to experience raising both a boy and a girl. They are just soo different. Plus I'm severely out numbered by testosterone (4-1) (I've included our kitties) so, so there. We'll hopefully know with out a doubt in about 2 weeks when we go in for the official sex check ultrasound & again in 4 for the anatomy check ultrasound when the have to do measurements and check for abnormalities with the bits themselves so there's just no getting around it.
If you were to ask my gut, it would say it's about 80% sure that there is a girl in there.
So far a few other old wives' tale predictors have pointed to that as well. There's the undisputed fact that I look more haggard, I was nauseous this time, the conception timing (which is more scientific), the pendulum needle test said girl along with the Chinese Lunar Calendar. So I ask you... who needs science?
I guess for now though, we have to accept that we'll "officially" be in suspense for a little while longer. At least 30% in suspense.


jamie said...

70% yay!

cat, kitty, kitters said...

go girl! although we'd welcome another icky ol boy!

Ma Pierce said...

I've never heard of somebody getting so many ultrasounds. Must be an L.A. thing - or do you live next door to TomKat?

Grandma B said...

Exciting prospect!! Don't really mind what because Jacobs SO gorgeous but I have to be honest - I would love to girlie shop!!!

Sarah said...

and i have a very beautiful, lonely pink crib bumper that needs some loving.