Monday, October 22, 2007

Think Pink!

drum roll please.....
It's a girl!

This time we're 99% sure. By the way, this pink thing is only temporary and I thought it appropriate and a way to celebrate the recent news.... don't worry Jake, we'll come up with a nice gender neutral color for the background by the next post or until I can't stand it anymore. Yes, you'll have to share the blog with your sister. There is no way in hell I keeping up two blogs.

I just had an ultrasound this morning and I saw girl bits without a doubt. No sign of boy bits anywhere so I'm gonna go ahead and borrow that dwell pink bumper! This is also good news because I spent all day yesterday sorting Jake's outgrown clothes into two piles: to loan and to keep because it was suitable for a girl. I guess I was feeling pretty confident. I'm just bracing myself for the onslaught of pink to come. I don't mind pink in small doses, but baby girl stuff tends to go a tad overboard. It can easily turn into a nightmare of pink, ruffles and sparkly stuff if you're not careful. yay!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's that time of year again...

Time for an obscene amount of Jake photos involving pumpkins. I showed absolutely zero restraint yesterday when taking these photos and I'm again showing that same kind of restraint with posting them.
Yesterday, we donned our best pumpkin picking attire and headed up to Underwood Family Farm for a pumpkin picking kinda day. Aside from it being in the mid 80's, we were all about celebrating the almighty gourd... and gourd related things like PIE!

Jake, Addie & Clara met a gaggle of farm animals
(here we have a goat wearing a chicken),

climbed haystacks,

hugged goats
(here we have a goat wearing Jake),

and endured a "hay ride" minus the hay.
(they really weren't having fun no matter how this photo looks)

Yes, Jake was outnumber by the ladies yet again,
but I honestly don't think he minded.

Looks like he found the perfect pumpkin.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

be vewy vewy quiet...

We went to my mom's house up at Twin Lakes for a very, very leafy week. It snowed right before we got there so Jake got his first, not only glimpse, but touch of snow. We all got the 24 hour stomach bug right after we got there which put a damper on things, but I have to admit it is good having your mama when you're sick. Especially when you have a projectile vomiting toddler to contend with. The rest of the week I fiddadled with my camera, taking pictures of leaves, trees, Jake, more leaves and of course more Jake. I also spent a great deal of time poking through piles of leaves knowing Jake was under one.

Here is a great leafy/Jake pic that was tewtally not staged.

Jake spent most of his week discovering - surprise, surprise - leaves, sticks, fish, birds, ducks, deer, bears (yes, a real one) and snow. He was so obsessed with seeing another bear that if you even whispered that word or any word that sounded like it, he'd bolt over to the window, smoosh his nose against the glass and go, "grrrrrr". He also got to visit Hunewill Ranch, a real working ranch with real cowboys, and while there he met a few dozen horses and a few thousand cows. When he heard all the cows thundering around and mooing I think he actually burned his diaper. It was like he thought, "For Chrissakes! That's why you make that sound (moo) when you see one of these things!"

So I finally got my cool shot of fall which is just what I needed, living the rest of the time in the land of no seasons. Jonathan won't have to hear me bitch & moan about the weather here for a little while at least. You might not understand if you're from somewhere else how boring sunshine ALL THE TIME can really be. It's like too much of anything isn't a good thing. And plus, crunching through leaves is like therapy. It's one of the most satisfying things in the world.