Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's that time of year again...

Time for an obscene amount of Jake photos involving pumpkins. I showed absolutely zero restraint yesterday when taking these photos and I'm again showing that same kind of restraint with posting them.
Yesterday, we donned our best pumpkin picking attire and headed up to Underwood Family Farm for a pumpkin picking kinda day. Aside from it being in the mid 80's, we were all about celebrating the almighty gourd... and gourd related things like PIE!

Jake, Addie & Clara met a gaggle of farm animals
(here we have a goat wearing a chicken),

climbed haystacks,

hugged goats
(here we have a goat wearing Jake),

and endured a "hay ride" minus the hay.
(they really weren't having fun no matter how this photo looks)

Yes, Jake was outnumber by the ladies yet again,
but I honestly don't think he minded.

Looks like he found the perfect pumpkin.


jamie said...

aw... i really love that last photo. what a fun day. :)

Sarah said...

hurrah for babies and pumpkins. and hurrah for goats wearing chickens!