Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my little dirt devil

this is Jake's favorite thing right now aside from balls and kitty. I have no complaints especially since my housekeeper just temporarily quit to give birth. I'm actually fine with this because there is no bigger guilt trip than having a 8 month pregnant woman scrubbing your bathtub when your trying to milk the "too pregnant to clean" card. Besides, look how good he is about getting under the couch and in the corners. So thorough! While he may not be the most efficient at this task - it's a surefire way to keep him busy for at least a half hour. Over the weekend Jon & I were trying to come up with what to get him for Christmas. We were going to do a tricycle or a wagon, but I just don't think we'll use a wagon that much this year with a new baby in tow and he's not quite ready for triking. SO, this is what we came up with. How bizarre and wonderful at the same time. The great thing is, both vacuums really sort of work! Whoever came up with this is my hero. It's not child labor - It's FUN!


Sarah said...

he can vacuum and still suck those fingers. multi tasking! addie just enjoyed watching this video not once but twice. I'm hoping she gets some ideas.

jamie said...

clara loves the broom right now.... maybe there's some money to be made here. like you said, if they're enjoying it, it can't be child labor, right?

Ma Pierce said...

Okay - I have two questions: First of all, are his eye teeth coming in? Sawyer is chewing on his finger too, although he likes to stick one finger from each hand into the two remaining slots in his choppers. It would be hard to vacuum like that.

Secondly, I am on the prowl for a light-weight vacuum that can do hardwood and a little bit of carpet. The Kirby 2000, though guarenteed to last for the next 50 years, weighs about as much as a keg of beer. What IS that vacuum you have and do you recommend it?

Girl with big time Vacuum-envy issues.

Nini said...

the vacuum I use is a Eureka Cordless Quick-Up. While it won't suck up nails, it's great for the everyday animal hair, dust & around Jake's highchair issues. It'll do carpet too, but I haven't tried it on anything other than a berber like texture carpet. It charges on the wall so you don't have a cord either. PLUS it only cost $35 so if it doesn't last forever, big deal.

And to your first question, he's always sucked on those fingers. Day, night, teething, not teething, groundhog day - doesn't matter. I heard the eye teeth are the most brutal - good luck!