Wednesday, November 28, 2007

where balls come from...

he now thinks they grow on trees... in our living room. ball trees.
We decided to put the tree up last weekend while he was napping so we could surprise him when he woke up. I swear he thinks we've lost our minds. The whole world for that matter because I don't think he really remembers the whole tadoo last year. Suddenly these ball trees are everywhere. On t.v., at the mall etc. etc.

At first, I was having my own little panic attack about how Jake would manage to be around a tree full of delicate, glass balls and not land us in the ER several times in the coming weeks. Anyone who knows him, knows he's a walking demolition machine. I was convinced he'd either eat it, climb it or systematically try to destroy everything on it. I actually considered settling for a nice drawing of a tree on our wall tacked up really high like the rest of the stuff in our house.

I finally decided to ban our glass ornaments and only hang paper and plastic little numbers on the bottom and all my prized, vintage glass ornaments on the top. We even invested in a big ol' fake tree which I admit I've come around to. At first I was pretty against any artificial greenery in our house, but I am now seeing the upside. No needles, I don't have to water it, I don't have to police the cats from drinking the preservative laden water or eating the needles (no more daily needle puke!) & I can put it up in October and leave up till May if I want to and it's not a problem. Not a problem if you're a little crazy I guess, but at least it won't warrant a visit from the fire marshall. Another bonus is since we're usually out of town anyway for a few weeks over the holidays we will no longer have to come home to a tree trunk sitting in a puddle of its own needles. It's a pretty sad sight. Not to mention a major fire hazard.

So I'm happy to say it's actually worked out quite well. To my surprise, he's even kind of gotten over the tree and almost ignores it these days. That's a toddler's attention span for you.

So anyway, here's a video of the first meeting of the "amazing ball tree" for your holiday viewing pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

Just been watching your latest videos from here in Portugal. The wonders of technology!! So keep them coming.

Love Grandma ^ Grandpa