Tuesday, January 29, 2008

vote for a clean, healthy home

For all you Californians out there, I just wanted to remind you that an important Primary Election needs your votes one week from today. Find out (if you haven't already) where our presidential candidates stand on issues facing our home here and here. I know the environment isn't the only issue to consider, but it's definitely an important one.
Do your research & vote smart.
That's all. I'll go hug a tree now. thanks!

Monday, January 21, 2008

that's my boy!

I haven't bragged recently about my son's ever blossoming vocabulary. Jake knows many words these days, but one in particular just fills me with pride. He now knows the word "boobs" in its correct context and uses the word loudly when he sees a nice pair - wouldn't you be proud? I'm not even close to kidding. He made sure to tell this really nice, WELL endowed lady in his Emerson class that she does indeed own a pair herself. We watch each other's kids outside while the other takes a turn inside for "mom talk". She informed me that he apparently likes her boobs and made quite a, um, scene.

Contrary to you thinking it was probably Jonathan's doing - it's actually all my fault. Jake saw me getting dressed the other day and pointed at my boobs and said "baeball!" (baseball). More like golf balls actually, but never mind - I can take a compliment. So, doing what every good mother does, I corrected him and told him, "no sweetie, BOOBS. These are booooobs.". That clarified things right up. They're going to love him at pre-school.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Morning as a Hummingbird Rescuer Extraordinaire

What did I do today? Well, I did a load of laundry, took Jake to see his soon-to-be-pre-school & saved this poor little guy from certain death. How about you? Save any hummingbirds lately? I didn't think so.
So here's the fly by (no pun intended)... First he smacked into our window (hate it when that happens), dropped & disappeared in the bushes below only to be intercepted a hungry cat, was then carried off in the cat's mouth & finally rescued by me who then held it for 20 minutes & proceeded to stick a big telephoto lens in its face. He eventually flew away in our tree and is all safe and sound as far as I know.

It's funny because I think I would have, without hesitation, tackled the cat if it held on a second longer. I also think that somehow she must have known that. All I remember is staring into his little eyes as he gasped for air and promised that it would be okay. Must be maternal instinct. That said, maternal instinct seems to be selective at times. In order to save the bird, I had to neglect my own kid who was probably tackling our own cat inside the house. It was a split second decision that Super Nanny would have probably crucified me for. There's Jake, unsupervised and scaling the bookshelf for a better view of mom's heroic efforts in action. That's bad parenting at its best.
In the end it all worked out. And relax people, Jake was right there the whole time, standing on two feet on the floor, watching me and I watching him through our big living room window. So who knows, maybe he learned a valuable lesson on compassion or something.
Right now my maternal instinct is fleeting again. He's yelling for me from his crib, probably with a burned out diaper, and I'm just sitting here typing away in no hurry to come to his rescue.
well. um. that's my story. guilt ensues. I guess I go now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

bowling ball

belly at 32 weeks

oh bowling ball in my belly, how I love you so
I no longer walk, I only waddle very, very slow
oh bowling ball in my belly, it's amazing to watch you grow
but I have to admit, I really miss seeing all my toes
oh bowling ball in my belly, you are getting hard to carry
perhaps it's all the pizza we eat, some might call it a scary
oh bowling ball in my belly, I know you're not here to stay
I'm anxiously counting the days and weeks until your big birthday
oh bowling ball in my belly, on the day that you are due
I can only imagine how amazing it will be to finally meet you

Saturday, January 5, 2008

an almost perfect Christmas

So I'm finally getting around to posting a video of some highlights from our holiday adventure... it almost seems sort of like an after thought at this point, but I know there are eager eyes waiting to see Jake on Christmas. This time he seemed to get into the whole present thing. He loved opening them. Some he opened very carefully like one false move might make it explode, and others he thrashed through with a kind of spastic joy only a two year old could get away with. the mere act of unwrapping was satisfying enough for him I think. I had to try my best to resist helping him. I think I did intervene once on the video and probably got the reaction I deserved. I could have wrapped wrapping paper and he probably would have been just as elated. He even got snow which I special ordered just for him (unwrapped). We adults also enjoyed ourselves. One unforgettable memory I now have is walking down Canyon Road, the cities art gallery ghetto, ablaze with thousands of farolitos on Christmas Eve, sipping hot cider and singing Christmas carols around bonfires of stacked pinon wood. I can still smell it. It was pretty damn magical. I tried to capture it on video, but as you'll see you can't see a damn thing. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I guess aside from United loosing out car seat it seems now permanently, it was pretty much a perfect Christmas... that and the fact that we couldn't be with the rest of our family in England.

anyway, here's that video.

can you count how many times he says ball?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 from Santa Fe!

Hope everyone is having as wonderful a holiday time as we are having.
Here are some more photos.