Saturday, January 5, 2008

an almost perfect Christmas

So I'm finally getting around to posting a video of some highlights from our holiday adventure... it almost seems sort of like an after thought at this point, but I know there are eager eyes waiting to see Jake on Christmas. This time he seemed to get into the whole present thing. He loved opening them. Some he opened very carefully like one false move might make it explode, and others he thrashed through with a kind of spastic joy only a two year old could get away with. the mere act of unwrapping was satisfying enough for him I think. I had to try my best to resist helping him. I think I did intervene once on the video and probably got the reaction I deserved. I could have wrapped wrapping paper and he probably would have been just as elated. He even got snow which I special ordered just for him (unwrapped). We adults also enjoyed ourselves. One unforgettable memory I now have is walking down Canyon Road, the cities art gallery ghetto, ablaze with thousands of farolitos on Christmas Eve, sipping hot cider and singing Christmas carols around bonfires of stacked pinon wood. I can still smell it. It was pretty damn magical. I tried to capture it on video, but as you'll see you can't see a damn thing. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I guess aside from United loosing out car seat it seems now permanently, it was pretty much a perfect Christmas... that and the fact that we couldn't be with the rest of our family in England.

anyway, here's that video.

can you count how many times he says ball?


jamie said...

aw... yay for snow and happy santa boys! welcome home! :)

Ma Pierce said...

United must have a black market on mint green peg perego car seats. they lost our too.

so - please explain "nini"

Nini & Jake said...

well it wasn't our peg seat - it was our Britax... so they nicely loaned us a real pearl. the thing was basically hard plastic & fabric w/out the protective foam layer. it smelled really good too.
the name nini is a spawn from the blasted nickname I aquired as a kid "Jeannini". nini has since stuck with many folks in my life. i've learned to accept that. this is exactly why you have to think about the possible nicknames when you pick a name for you kid. i loose sleep over these things.