Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Morning as a Hummingbird Rescuer Extraordinaire

What did I do today? Well, I did a load of laundry, took Jake to see his soon-to-be-pre-school & saved this poor little guy from certain death. How about you? Save any hummingbirds lately? I didn't think so.
So here's the fly by (no pun intended)... First he smacked into our window (hate it when that happens), dropped & disappeared in the bushes below only to be intercepted a hungry cat, was then carried off in the cat's mouth & finally rescued by me who then held it for 20 minutes & proceeded to stick a big telephoto lens in its face. He eventually flew away in our tree and is all safe and sound as far as I know.

It's funny because I think I would have, without hesitation, tackled the cat if it held on a second longer. I also think that somehow she must have known that. All I remember is staring into his little eyes as he gasped for air and promised that it would be okay. Must be maternal instinct. That said, maternal instinct seems to be selective at times. In order to save the bird, I had to neglect my own kid who was probably tackling our own cat inside the house. It was a split second decision that Super Nanny would have probably crucified me for. There's Jake, unsupervised and scaling the bookshelf for a better view of mom's heroic efforts in action. That's bad parenting at its best.
In the end it all worked out. And relax people, Jake was right there the whole time, standing on two feet on the floor, watching me and I watching him through our big living room window. So who knows, maybe he learned a valuable lesson on compassion or something.
Right now my maternal instinct is fleeting again. He's yelling for me from his crib, probably with a burned out diaper, and I'm just sitting here typing away in no hurry to come to his rescue.
well. um. that's my story. guilt ensues. I guess I go now.


jamie said...

Do you watch wonderpets? I think you might be the fourth honorary member... save the baby hummingbird! save the baby finch! save the baby lobster! :)

Nini & Jake said...

no, but Jake sometimes does... I guess I could be their leader and tell them to just shut up (I hate their twitter) and do what I say. in a nice way of course.

Sarah said...

i was so frustrated today that when Addie refused her sippy cup and started screaming i said "Fine, don't drink it." and threw it on the floor. Yes, I threw it - not Addie. I think Cap left 2 toddlers behind. That's my bad parenting story and there isn't even a saved bird to make it better.