Monday, January 21, 2008

that's my boy!

I haven't bragged recently about my son's ever blossoming vocabulary. Jake knows many words these days, but one in particular just fills me with pride. He now knows the word "boobs" in its correct context and uses the word loudly when he sees a nice pair - wouldn't you be proud? I'm not even close to kidding. He made sure to tell this really nice, WELL endowed lady in his Emerson class that she does indeed own a pair herself. We watch each other's kids outside while the other takes a turn inside for "mom talk". She informed me that he apparently likes her boobs and made quite a, um, scene.

Contrary to you thinking it was probably Jonathan's doing - it's actually all my fault. Jake saw me getting dressed the other day and pointed at my boobs and said "baeball!" (baseball). More like golf balls actually, but never mind - I can take a compliment. So, doing what every good mother does, I corrected him and told him, "no sweetie, BOOBS. These are booooobs.". That clarified things right up. They're going to love him at pre-school.

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Sarah said...

i know who to blame when Addie starts saying "Tough Titties"