Monday, February 11, 2008


So apparently I am the proud owner of an "angry milk duct". I really don't know why it's angry. Is it pissed because it has to go back to work soon? Anyway, I'm pretty darn happy and I guess that all that matters. This boob doctor (I don't know his official title) is 100% sure I have nothing to worry about beyond engorgement in a few weeks. I didn't even have to endure the mammogram since the ultrasound saw what was up. yay.


Chria said...

Yay for an angry milk duct, and let's hope you can get it some counseling and at least turn it into a mildly disgruntled milk duct before it needs to be put to use!

jamie said...


Sarah said...

i hope it doesn't go into a rage if the baby is late!