Saturday, February 16, 2008

1-2-3 Magic

I'm not big on books that claim to have all the answers when it comes to parenting or discipline, but I seriously needed help when it came to managing discipline with Jake. About all I new was we weren't spanking people, but that was it. When it came to handling tantrums and time outs, I didn't really know how to approach it except maybe curl up in a fetal position and stare at the wall for a while. I tried doing what they all tell you, "ignore the tantrum", but that didn't work.
You see, Jake has to be the biggest drama queen EVER. We're talking head hitting the floor (even concrete), legs flailing and a scream so deafening I'm sure it makes dogs howl from miles away. My only method was to about face & run away. We needed something better obviously. So, after throwing a few uncalled for tantrums myself, I finally decided to ask our pediatrician what to do. He suggested I get this book 1-2-3- Magic. I have to say I was a little skeptical because Jake's not even two and the age this book is aimed at is 2-12, PLUS this is Jake we're talking about. I finally figured, what the hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained right?
So, a few months ago I started using the method on Jake and I have to admit it's really curbed the bad behavior and I don't have to shout or have a time out myself. All I have to do is count to 3 and that's it. At 3 he gets a time out for 2 minutes (minutes for years he's been alive) and shockingly sits though it. But now, he usually stops whatever naughty shenanigan by the count of 2. There is a bit more to it than that, but the book explains all the scenarios that can happen and strategies to handle them.
I highly recommend this book to anyone as clueless as us.


Sarah said...

i borrowed the dvd from the library several months ago. while i only made it through the first chapter before having to return it, i thought it seemed pretty sensible- and it goes down a lot faster if you watch it (and i had a better chance of getting hubby to watch it too)

Ma Pierce said...

Thanks for the recommendation. My doc suggested the same book.