Thursday, February 28, 2008

yes, I'm still pregnant

39 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours & 45 minutes pregnant & still no news on the western front. I'm gonna start answering the phone by saying, "No, I'm not in labor yet.".

I'm wondering though, if tomorrow might be the day. There are a few factors that would make it less than ideal and therefore more likely. It's called sod law, murphys law, finagles law or whatever you want to call it.
For one, it's a leap year & tomorrow is that day that only happens every 4 years for some reason which means if she is born tomorrow, she'll only have a birthday every four years - that's a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it I guess. Second, the doctor on call this Friday & Saturday is the guy who sang "Ape Man" by the Kinks during most of an appointment. It's a very humbling experience, having someone checking under your hood and singing. I mean seriously, if you're gonna sing, at least think about the choice of song. So I predicted right there on that table that even though there are 6 other (non-singing) doctors that could potentially deliver my baby, he's gonna be the one. Third, Grandma & Grandpa E will be in Portugal & away from their web cam. Fourth, my support group, Jamie and Sarah, will be out of town too. Additionally, the doctor I just saw on Wednesday said she thinks it'll happen this weekend despite the fact that nothing is changing down there. She said she just has a hunch about these things. AND lastly, Jonathan thinks it's happening tomorrow (wrote it on the calendar about 2 months ago) and he's notoriously spooky about this stuff. He's like my very own psychic friend and when he makes weird little predictions like this, they're usually pretty accurate.

So we'll see.


Ma Pierce said...

OOOOOH - a leap baby, I love it!! Go baby go! There is, of course, one VERY good way to get the labor machine cranking at this point in the game. Worked like a charm for us - I mean, seriously, have the car started.

jamie said...

i read that leap year babies are called leaplings, which i find very cute. :) on the bright side, if it does happen today, at least it'd be a particularly special day for an incredibly special baby. can't wait to meet her!!!

Sarah said...

I'm checking my phone constantly from Tucson awaiting the Big News!

jamie said...

us too! we have our laptop and wireless in mammoth... so far heard baby news from chria's cousin who had a little girl early this AM, but while that's nice and all, it's not an Emmett baby!

Aunt Kathy said...

Tell Little Miss thing that the reason we want to see her is so we can kiss her all over her little face and belly (and so we'll know what her name is...).

I know by the time I get there on Jakes birthday she will have arrived.