Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 weeks


So anyway, I now have a two week old baby and a toddler. It's really hard to believe that's it's been two weeks since she was born. The day she was born started out normal, as they do. I took Jake to his Emerson Mommy & Me class, left at 11:30, took him home and fed him his lunch, then left for the hospital for my 1:00 fetal stress test appointment. On my way there I was feeling totally normal. I remember thinking, wouldn't it be great if I spontaneously went into labor during this doctors appt., as I thought going into every appointment for the last two weeks. But that would just be way too convenient to actually happen wouldn't it? I even parked at a meter fully confident that I could return before my time was up.
Anyway, I'm lying there all strapped up to the machine that goes "beep", talking to a friend of mine on the phone and noticing that I was having some cramping. Being that I had been having cramps for weeks, I immediately passed it off as more Braxton Hicks. Except, that machine that goes "beep" started frantically beeping really loud. The nurse soon returned and looked at the baby's heart rate on the monitor and said dully, "you've failed the test. You're going to have to be induced today." I said incredulously, "induced? today?". She looked at me sadly, knowing that was the last thing that I wanted, and tried to reassure me that it was best for the baby. Right before she ran out of the room to call "Ape Man", the doctor on call that day (didn't I say?) she mentioned that I was having regular contractions since I had been there. She also noted that the baby's heart rate only dipped during one contraction, but apparently that's enough to fail. So I called Jonathan who was coincidentally in the neighborhood, on his way back to the office from a meeting and told him between sobs that he need to come to the hospital. Soon more nurses showed up with i.v. bags, admitting papers and rubber gloves. They checked me and said I was dilated 3 centimeters. Putting two and two together I finally realized these were no Braxton Hicks. I was in true labor and I needed to start begging that they let me progress naturally. Jonathan was finally there and totally had my back & after pleading with Ape Man, he thankfully agreed and decided to just break my water to make things progress faster. And did they. Soon I was bellowing at the top of my lungs, leaking and cursing. That lasted a few hours. At 5 centimeters I finally got an epidural and decide next time, if there is a next time, I'll get the epidural upon registration. I'm fully satisfied now that I know well and truly what labor feels like (check that one off the life's to-do list). By 11 pm that night I was shaking like like a wet dog and it was time to push. Ape Man was also off duty by that time so things were indeed going very well. I had decided I wanted a mirror to catch the whole bloody show and I'm so glad I did. I won't bother elaborating on what I got to see, I'm sure you have an idea, but I will say that it was THEE most surreal 6 minutes (that's right, 6 minutes) of my life. It was like watching someone else on one of those movies they show you in Lamaze class. I remember when she came out she was so quiet. Scary quiet. Not at all like Jake was. Only when they put her on my chest and I could see her little eyes blinking and looking around, could I finally relax in the knowledge that she was just a perfect, healthy and quiet little baby. The whole experience was very calm and quiet in fact. Tom Cruise would've been proud. I nursed her and then realized I myself hadn't eaten in more than 12 hours. So Jonathan grabbed me his left over pizza that he was kind enough to eat in the waiting area while I dined on ice chips earlier that evening. A true moment of bliss.

So now, it's two weeks later. Chloe's umbilical cord finally fell off. I'm probably supposed to think that this cord is this romantic little thing that connected her to me for 9 months, but I must say I'm not going to miss it. My cat Blue gets stuff that looks like that stuck to his tail all the time.

Chloe's unbelievably pretty. I know I'm supposed to think that, but I genuinely think she's gorgeous. She's like a little pixie child. Although I'm crazy tired and feel like I've been through Nam, I've definitely gotten more sleep this time. She'll sleep from 11- 4 or sometimes 5. The doctor told me I shouldn't let her go more than 3 hours between feeds, but she's definitely fattening up so I don't think she's starving at night. Like I said, she's a good eater, no problems nursing or with reflux so I feel like we've struck gold with this baby. Bless him, Jake used to want to be fed around the clock, every two hours. Thankfully, because of past experience, I was quick to get her on a 3 hour schedule which has probably helped make her such a good sleeper. I'm really trying to savor this newborn phase. I remember with Jake I couldn't wait for it to be over, but now that I know how fast it goes, I'm clinging on to every cry, coo and cuddle like it'll be the last. Gooey I know.

Jake's adjusting too. He shows tons of affection and sweetness to his sister Chloe. Just the other day, he walked up to her and put his prized little digger in her hand. I immediately turned into a big pile of mush. All in all, 2 weeks later, things are good.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

one week

since my world was turned upside down. It's been a bit of a shock to the system. I like my little sister and all, but she doesn't do much. She's usually sleeping or sucking on my mommy. Why do we have her?

I guess because she's so darn cute.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chloë Marie

I'd like you to meet Little Miss Chloë Marie.

photo taken by Sarah Quainton

It was a close race between Chloë, Arugula & Balsamic but she definitely was more of a Chloë. This is probably the last time you'll ever see the umlaut or diaeresis over her name since my keyboard is not equipped with that symbol. It's only for special occasions I guess. Marie was Jonathan's grandmother's name, but she pronounced it like "Mary". We're pronouncing Marie the "Lisa Marie Presley" way.

photo taken by Sarah Quainton

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Labor Day!

...was yesterday!

While we haven't settled on a name just yet... Let me rephrase, Jonathan hasn't settled on the name yet, we have a beautiful little girl.

Baby girl Emmett was born on March 11th at 11:07 p.m.
She's a very chunky 8lbs 5 oz. , 20 in. in length.

She was born naturally (not induced) & without any complications.

Looks like "The Salad" worked!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Go Salad!

meet one gullible & desperate salad eating woman

So I had my first official "the THE Salad" at the Ciaoti Pizza Cafe here in L.A. today. As urban lore goes, this salad throws pregnant women into labor within a few days of eating it. I know... shut up. It's completely ridiculous right? Well, being pregnant for this long is ridiculous too. I realize it’s most likely more of a coincidence since the women flocking to this place to eat this labor inducing snake oil are ready to go into labor anyway. Regardless, I had to try it. Especially since this place has two guest books (in photo) full of testimonials to prove it. Two weeks ago I found out about this place from one of my doctors (so it must work!) and decided to just find out what it was made of and make it myself at home. Sadly, nothing happened. I guess I must have had the wrong olive oil/balsamic ratio. So today my mom, Jake and I headed out to this place to give it a try. And I wasn’t the only one, there were as many pregnant women there as there are in my OB’s office at any given moment. As of now, I’ve had some contractions, but they just come and go. I happened to read one entry in the journal that some lucky woman's water broke after her first bite of “the THE Salad”! Now that’s results!

Incidentally, this place is right across the street from that restaurant Robert Blake supposedly had his wife killed. Salad, labor and murder. That is one busy street.

Go Lakers!

So Jake got to go to his first Lakers game last night. Talk about overwhelmed. He was their biggest fan in the whole arena. He was also the Lakers Girl's and foam finger's biggest fan too!

Jonathan was one proud papa. Not only because his son's following his footsteps with his love of sports and cheerleaders, but because he got to take his boy to an arena he helped design. It was a big moment for them. Unfortunately, my plan of having my big moment (water break) while being shown on the jumbotron didn't pan out... I thought for sure.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

(that's him, in the corner sleeping with his hiney up in the air)

Look who's officially a big boy now. sniff.

Jake slept in the big boy bed for the first time last night and stayed in it until 8 am this morning I might add. I know. We are all shocked. I thought for sure I'd find him curled up, naked in the corner of his closet or in the bathtub this morning. We got him this bed about a month ago and I have to say it's been a slower process than I expected even with the alluring Buzz Lightyear sheets. So last night there was one of those Sit n' Sleep commercials on T.V. and Jake started screaming, "BIG BOY BED, BIG BOY BED, BIG BOY BED!", over and over again. You see, every bed, even my bed is a "big boy bed". So anyway, I asked him if he wanted to sleep in the big boy bed tonight and he emphatically replied, "okaaaaay!" (his favorite word besides "no" right now and the two are completely interchangeable). I just can't believe he stayed put. Naps are yet to be tackled. Officially we have until May or June before he has to fully make the transfer. He just still looks so very tiny in that big ol' bed. sniff sniff.
(look at how proud he is)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

40 weeks...

and still pregnant. I was really hoping my first post in March would be an announcement other than this.

I'm convinced I'm gonna be in this large, pregnant and beached state forever. And folks, save it. I think I've tried it all. Indian food, garlic, raspberry tea, pineapple, stairs, acupressure, speed bumps, that labor inducing salad, walking for blocks every day, hot baths, moving furniture and even that past time that got me in this mess in the first place. I told Jonathan he got her in there and he needs to get her out. All with no success. I'll get a bunch of crampy contractions for like 2 hours, 5-7 minutes apart and then just as I get my hopes up, they'll stop.

I think Jonathan's even given up because last night he dug into the hospital stash of snacks as if to say, "better eat this stuff before it expires". Poor little Jake's over it too. Big Mama's no fun because it's gotten to the point where bending over, picking anything up or moving anywhere beyond my sofa is a very sad production of moans and groans. Don't get me wrong, I know she'll come out when she's good and ready and up until now I've thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant. But now, I'm just READY. SO, so ready. Especially since if I don't have her in the next 8 days, they'll try to induce me :-( I'm really not wanting that. I got induced with Jake and kinda feel jipped from being able to experience nature taking its course. So come out baby PLEASE!