Saturday, March 8, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

(that's him, in the corner sleeping with his hiney up in the air)

Look who's officially a big boy now. sniff.

Jake slept in the big boy bed for the first time last night and stayed in it until 8 am this morning I might add. I know. We are all shocked. I thought for sure I'd find him curled up, naked in the corner of his closet or in the bathtub this morning. We got him this bed about a month ago and I have to say it's been a slower process than I expected even with the alluring Buzz Lightyear sheets. So last night there was one of those Sit n' Sleep commercials on T.V. and Jake started screaming, "BIG BOY BED, BIG BOY BED, BIG BOY BED!", over and over again. You see, every bed, even my bed is a "big boy bed". So anyway, I asked him if he wanted to sleep in the big boy bed tonight and he emphatically replied, "okaaaaay!" (his favorite word besides "no" right now and the two are completely interchangeable). I just can't believe he stayed put. Naps are yet to be tackled. Officially we have until May or June before he has to fully make the transfer. He just still looks so very tiny in that big ol' bed. sniff sniff.
(look at how proud he is)


Sarah said...

Go Big Boy Jake!

brandie said...

Okay, this makes me teary, I just can't imagine Sofia in a " big girl bed"...but Jake looks so happy!