Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chloë Marie

I'd like you to meet Little Miss Chloë Marie.

photo taken by Sarah Quainton

It was a close race between Chloë, Arugula & Balsamic but she definitely was more of a Chloë. This is probably the last time you'll ever see the umlaut or diaeresis over her name since my keyboard is not equipped with that symbol. It's only for special occasions I guess. Marie was Jonathan's grandmother's name, but she pronounced it like "Mary". We're pronouncing Marie the "Lisa Marie Presley" way.

photo taken by Sarah Quainton


jamie said...

but you won't mind if i call her chloe joey instead though... will you?

Addie's Mama said...

Chloe is just too cute and i had such fun at her 1 day old impromptu party in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Lovely names for a lovely baby. We are thrilled with the choice.

Grandma and Grandpa E

Hadar said...

J, J & J:
Beautiful baby!
Beautiful name!

Mazal Tov!

Your secret blog fan (its on my Google Reader along with 'Dear Hazel'),
Hadar (5 months and counting myself!)

The Pierce Posse said...

It all looks so familiar - especially that expression on your face in that last photo like: what have we done????

Catherine said...

Congratulations! She is just beautiful. I am so happy for you guys.