Friday, April 11, 2008

lots o' birthdays

note how well the cupcake goatee matches his outfit.
Believe or not, that wasn't planned.
photo taken by Sarah. find more birthday photos here

The other day I promised I'd say more about Jake's big 2nd birthday. Well, there really isn't that much to say except he's certainly 2. This age brings about all sorts of interesting, er, aspects. He's been in the "terrible" phase well and truley now for about 4 months. By terrible I mean, screaming louder than Janet Leigh and does just about everything opposite of what he's told. He's also incredibly verbal now and can now communicate what he wants and doesn't want. Usually more of what he doesn't. He even says "wow - cool!" to describe something, well, cool. He's now old enough to attend preschool. We have this lovely little preschool right across the street from us that he's going to start attending this Monday, 3 days a week. I'm partly dancing in the streets and partly mourning this HUGE milestone. When Monday comes, I don't know if I'll be ready. Up until this point, he's been kept in this little bubble of mommy and now he's going off to spread his little wings. Oh my gawd he's leaving the nest. He's going to college and moving away with some pregnant fluzy.
I get these weekly emails about "your toddler this week" covering that weeks milestone and on his birthay it changed to "your preschooler this week". oh how they grow. Here's a video from his party.

And now for Chloe...
Today is Chloe's 1 month birthday. Today she's tracking and tomorrow she'll be stealing my car keys.
She's so much more alert these days. I even got a smile and a squeal out of her this morning. It was almost like her little internal clock said 'okay, you're exactly 1 month old now... time to act happy'. She such a good baby. She'll sleep and sleep and around here sleep = good. Last weekend she finally got to meet Aunt Kathy while she was down for Jake's birthday & they hit if off like peas and carrots.


Addie's Mama said...

thanks for letting us celebrate with you and bang on that weird hot dog thing they have at gymboree. and how is it possible Chloe is 1 month old?

jamie said...

hope the first day drop-off wasn't too traumatic! for you I mean... I'm sure Jake was fine. :)