Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3 Months Old (almost)

She's almost three months old today and I thought I could wait to post this when she's actually 3 months exactly, but I just can't guarantee timely post anymore. So I figured this was good enough.
Anyway, she has been sleeping until 6 am for a good stretch now. She's definitely a keeper. She's so chubby and talented compared to how she used to be. She's even trying really hard to sit up already. She can swat at objects and loves spending time with kitty. She smiles all the time now especially at when she sees me.

We take short naps together in the afternoon. Shorter than I'd like. As she falls asleep I feel like I could die of love as I watch her. I think to myself that she's what angels must look like. But then, just as I'll start to fully doze off, she'll wake up and start making screechy rodent noises and scanning the room wildly. I'll sit up and look blearily back over at her in the bassinet with great hostility and think, oh God, she wakes AGAIN. But then as soon as she sees me she beams, and makes raspberries, and does frantic bicycle kicks like she's doing her baby Jane Fonda workout. Then I feel I can go on.

I'd like her to stay this size forever. As much as I love her big brother, sometimes when I see Jake tearing around I think he's just a loud screamy poopy version of what he once was at her age. Wait no, he was that way then too. Just smaller. Maybe it' a boy thing. Anyway, at 3 months they are definitely a lot more portable. I can take her anywhere. Today, Chloe & I got the car washed and then went purse shopping at Nordstrom Rack while Jake learned stuff at preschool. Unfortunately, we didn't like any of the bags we saw. Even so, we had that kind of bonding time that only a mother and daughter can have.

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